Leak Suggests a ‘Fortnite X Resident Evil’ Collaboration for the Battle Royale Game

Published 03/12/2023, 12:30 PM EDT

From a recent leak, it has been revealed that the cultural phenomenon, battle royale Fortnite is planning to join hands with the renowned zombie slaying action RPG by Capcom, Resident Evil. It also suggests that in the future, there could be more than two characters from the RPG joining the battle bus. 

A report by one of the most trusted insiders of the game reveals that two iconic Resident Evil characters will be coming to Fortnite in the upcoming seasons. The leak has revealed their in-game appearance and the base skin. According to the leakers, there could be multiple looks available for each character. 

Post the start of the new season, leaks suggest a collaboration between Resident Evil and Fortnite 


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On Twitter, Fortnite insider Shiina revealed that Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, the main protagonists of Resident Evil 2, will be joining the huge roster of the iconic battle royale. In their report, they leaked the initial appearance of the characters, which appears to be their original look from the classic games. 


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Leon and Claire both had made their appearances in many Resident Evil titles. However, the collaboration will be bringing them in their original gear from Resident Evil 2. Usually, Fortnite collaborations with big IPs such as RE bring more than one playable character skin and a variety of themed accessories.

However, the leak hasn’t revealed anything about if will there will be any other RE characters, nor did it report the assorted items that would be released with the skins or the missions. Other than the Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield look reveal, there hasn’t been any other information about the collaboration. Also, nothing regarding the release date has also been said

How did the fans react to the new reveal? 

The fans were ecstatic to see the latest reveals of Leon and Claire. They flooded the comment sections on the Twitter post, expressing their thoughts and excitement about the reveal. Some shared their thoughts on the looks and suggested what additional things they would love to see for the skins. Some fans suggested that the looks from other titles could be a great alt look for the skins. 


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What do you think about the possible Fortnite and Resident Evil Collaboration? Do you think it will be released in the upcoming season? Let us know in the comments below!



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