One of the biggest and most anticipated games of 2023 is undoubtedly The Legend of Zelda: Tears of a Kingdom for the Nintendo Switch. It has huge shoes to fill as its predecessor. Breath of the Wild is considered ‘The Best Game Ever’ by many.

It is not surprising that the fans have huge expectations from the game, which may be not possible for the game to deliver. 


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According to YouTuber and Nintendo content creator, PK, fans shouldn’t expect much from the game. In his recent video, he presented some valid points that have raised some serious questions about the highly anticipated sequel. The silence from Nintendo, in terms of marketing the game, has made these points ever more prominent. 

Will Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom be able to stand up to the expectations?

In his video, “Why Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is so Worrying”, PK has talked about how Nintendo hasn’t released any new footage or teasers of the game ever since the initial announcement trailer back in September 2022. According to the promised release date, approximately only 5 months remains till its launch.

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It isn’t absurd to at least expect another teaser or a gameplay trailer showcasing the game’s spectacles. According to PK, Nintendo’s silence may indicate that “There Won’t Be Any Big New Ideas”. Nintendo may be insecure about their game, which refrains them from releasing any new material about the new game. 

PK also brings up the rumors that ‘Tears of the Kingdom’ was supposed to be a DLC for the first game. He points out how the game was made into a full-fledged game because the devs had ‘too many ideas’ for a DLC.

This is a good sign as it somewhat confirms there will be many new spectacles to experience in the new game. But at the same time, it also confirms that in terms of world and gameplay, the title may not have much to offer. 

In the end of his video, PK talked about how the hardware limitations of Switch may be another obstacle for the game. Even the first game had reports of having performance issues.


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And looking at the recent severe performance issues of Pokemon games, Scarlet and Violate on Switch, it is very worrying to think a game like ‘Tears of the Kingdom’ which is expected to be bigger than Breath of the Wild, will work in the outdated switch. 

Is there no hope for the game? 

Even though all these are very valid points, there is still hope as another game that had received almost the same criticism, God of War: Ragnarok, proved how even sequels based on the same world as the previous installment can also deliver a masterclass experience. 


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With almost the same team as the BOTW, it can be expected that the sequel may also deliver a great experience. It may not be as high as people expect, but that doesn’t mean it may be much lower. 

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