The release of Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning has gaming fans excited for some interesting reasons. Getting to see fan-favorite titles or sequences turn into a silver screen release is always a hardbound desire for gaming fans. A lot of speculation has been running around the possibility of its action sequences being inspired by popular games. With the latest fan tweet, fans are certain as they recognize a few inspirations from games.

The gaming community is a close associate of the popular meme culture. A lot of times memes have been a medium of communication among gamers. The case is reciprocated by the netizens as plenty of memes take inspiration from classic titles. Leonardo DiCaprio is another iconic relevant meme face. As Mission Impossible movie clips are currently all over the internet, gaming fans have identified some of its striking similarities with the renowned game series ‘Uncharted’. 

Mission Impossible Train Sequence copied from Uncharted? 


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The Mission Impossible series famous for its exclusive and innovative action sequences has caught the eye of gamers. The most hyped train sequence in the movie seems familiar to the community. The tweet allegedly pointed out the shocking frame-to-frame resemblance of the sequence with Uncharted 2. Taking the matter to Twitter, a user tweeted the theory which received massive support. The tweet said, “This train sequence seems vaguely familiar.”

The user indirectly alleged the makers taking inspiration from the popular gaming series ‘Uncharted’. Although this isn’t the first time a Hollywood project has been alleged to copy from a gameplay sequence. It was indeed a Leonardo DiCaprio meme moment as the scene was caught in 4K! Some fans also claimed the scene to be inspired by other popular titles. But most of the community was in agreement with its unbelievable similarities with Uncharted 2.

Fans took no time to resonate with the tweet and directly claim the source of the advertised action sequence. 

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A fan sarcastically mentions the original source out loud. They tweet, “Are you referring to the popular game UNCHARTED 2 made by the game developer NAUGHTYDOG for the PLAYSTATION consoles, owned by SONY???”

Fans find out a glimpse of the scene from the game. 

Another user felt the same. 


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Uncharted Fans Forever 


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What are your thoughts on the striking similarity? Do you think it’s adapted from Uncharted 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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