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“Lets See if She Stands on What She Says Like I Do”- FaZe Rain Responds to FaZe Grace Van Dien Storming Out in Their Meetup Video

Published 06/01/2023, 9:50 AM EDT

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The troubles of the FaZe Clan do not seem to be dying down. The recent addition of a new member in the Clan is under fire. The unrest is coming from within, especially from FaZe Rain. He has openly disregarded the joining of Grace Van Dien into the gaming organization. His comments on her gameplay and way of joining the Clan have landed both members in a feud of their own.

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However, there were attempts to smoothen things out too. Both streamers decided to meet up and talk things over while filming a video. Though FaZe Rain and Van Dien’s meeting was a disaster in itself. Following the disastrous meeting, Rain has responded to Van Dien storming out. He and Adin Ross hopped on a Discord call to interact with each other. During this call, the topic of an ongoing feud with Van Dien also came up.

Adin Ross and FaZe Rain talk about the ongoing controversy with Van Dien


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Both streamers chatted about the hate spreading on social media. Ross wanted to know what was Rain’s side on the latest meetup video with Van Dien. Ross supported the views of the FaZe Clan member. Talking about how brutally honest earlier Call of Duty world was, Ross stated, “That’s why I love what you said about the video because she was like I never grew up saying s**t like that. Bro either you get it or you don’t get it.”

Though Rain shared he did not care that much about the feud with Van Dien. He stated he held up his end to make things right. Rain also conveyed how composed he was during the video, trying to understand Van Dien’s viewpoint.


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In the video, Van Dien also talked about leaving the FaZe Clan is Rain uploaded the video. With Rain going against her wishes and uploading the video, Ross wanted to know will she leave the Clan. To this FaZe Rain had an unbothered comment of his own. “I don’t care like whatever happens, happens,” he said, “Let’s see if she stands on what she says like I do.”


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These comments, however, did not settle down the ongoing feud between the two FaZe members. The fans of the Clan would be hoping this debacle dies down and the org returns to its earlier glory. What are your thoughts on FaZe Rain talking about the drama? Let us know in the comments section below.

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