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Level Up Your Healing Potion To The Max In Diablo 4! Complete Guide On How To Farm Crushed Beast Bones

Published 06/07/2023, 11:50 AM EDT

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RPGs are some of the most popular games on the market. They offer vast worlds that allow players to journey through them, exploring every nook and cranny. One such example of the same is Diablo 4. With the release of Diablo 4 this week, fans will get a chance to get back into the iconic Diablo franchise.

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The fourth main installment in the franchise comes over a decade after Diablo 3. As fans dive into exploring the world of Diablo 4, they are left with the question of how to get a rare material to upgrade one item in their inventory.

Healing potion upgrade in Diablo 4


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Similar to other RPGs, Diablo 4 also has a complex healing system. The game initially teaches players how to heal using health potions and provides upgrades for them. These upgrades increase the effect of the potions. As you make your way through the game, you should upgrade your health potions to make your experience easier.

However, the level four upgrade for the healing potion proves a daunting task for most players. The fourth level upgrade requires the player to reach level 30. Only after level 30, this upgrade is unlocked. However, this is not what makes the upgrade difficult. To upgrade the healing potion to level four, Crushed Beast Bones are required. These are an incredibly rare resource in the game.


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Players reported that making despite making their way through the game’s entire story, they could only find two Crushed Beast Bones. This guide gives you a method to farm Crushed Beast Bones easily!

Crushed Beast Bones farm

In Diablo 4, Crushed Beast Bones can be acquired by killing beasts and animals, as well as werecreatures. However, there is an easier and more lucrative method of farming Crushed Beast Bones.

It is important to reach level 30 before attempting this upgrade. On this level, there is a good chance you came across Scosglen during Act II. In the eastern part of the Highland Wilds area of Scosglen, visit the Waypoint named “Under The Goosefat Inn”. This becomes a starting point for the farm journey.

Once you reach the Waypoint, continue east into the Highland Wilds. The area you need to reach is The Scar. An identifying factor is the grounding turning black. Make sure you do not wander too far north because it will take you into The Shrouded Moors.

Upon reaching The Scar, push the northern wall, riding along until you find some lava and volcanic rock. This will bring you to the boss that drops Crushed Beast Bones: Gaspar Stillbian. Despite Gaspar being level 35, he should not be too difficult to kill. He does not aggress if attacked. Additionally, Gaspar scales with the player’s level, making defeating him much easier. After you kill Gaspar, he drops five Crushed Beast Bones.

Once you collect the Crushed Beast Bones, wait a few minutes for Gaspar to respawn, repeating the whole process. Continue the process until you have enough Crushed Beast Bones.

It is important to remember that despite Gaspar not being difficult to kill, there are tough enemies in the area, especially if you attempt this at level 30. Exercise caution when attempting this farming method.

An alternate farming method in Diablo 4


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For some fans, however, continually killing Gaspar over a continued period may be too much time spent on one resource. For these players, there is an alternative farming method. As the game tells players, Crushed Beast Bones can be farmed by killing animals and beasts, as well as werecreatures.

In this alternate method, choose an area filled with beasts. Make sure you stick to an area inside Scosglen and the Dry Steppes. Begin killing hordes of beasts. Subsequently, these beasts drop Crushed Beast Bones. Along with Crushed Beast Bones, this method allows you to farm Grim Favors for the Tree of Whispers. There are drawbacks to this method. Beasts have a low rate of dropping Crushed Beast Bones. Gaspar remains the only guaranteed drop for these resources. Because of this, players generally use this method as a passive farming method.


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Ahead of its June 6 launch, developers at Blizzard announced an open beta to test server capabilities for the game. Will you be playing Diablo 4 after its release? How will you prefer farming your bones for your health potions? Let us know in the comments below!

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