Soulsborne games are only increasing in popularity nowadays. They have continuously become more and more successful and have spawned several lookalikes. Lies of P is one such game, a very straightforward spiritual successor to FromSoftware’s 2015 hit Bloodborne. Now, just around a month after its launch, the developers have made an astounding announcement!

Developer Lies of P has announced a sequel is in the works

Recently the director of smash hit Soulsborne titled Lies of P made an appearance through a YouTube video informing fans that the game hit the 1 million mark in its launch month. He also announced that the game was a success for them and they have decided to celebrate this success by giving some surprises to the fans. This surprise is the announcement of the sequel of the game! Yes, a successor to Lies of P is in the works.


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He then followed by revealing some new exciting updates to the game and the inclusion of a brand-new outfit for players to access. They also added a brand-new item slot in P’s inventory so players can now equip hats and glasses separately, giving fashion souls a whole new definition. Some really exciting additions to an already feature-heavy game.

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