LinkedIn Page Reportedly Leaks Massive Pokemon Game Update on Nintendo Switch

Published 09/24/2022, 10:20 AM EDT

Six years ago, Nintendo released an interesting game in the Pokemon franchise. Although the series has witnessed tons of offerings so far, this specific game was quite special as it featured the most adorable Pokemon as a detective.

Yes, we are talking about Detective Pikachu, which even saw itself getting adapted into a hit live-action movie in 2019. In the same year, Nintendo had green-lit the sequel to the first game. Due to some reasons, however, there was no update available on the project until now. Thanks to an unintentional leak from a developer himself, we now have solid intel on the next Detective Pikachu title on the Switch.


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Nintendo Switch exclusive Detective Pikachu leaked by a programmer on LinkedIn

Published by The Pokemon Company, the first installment was launched in 2016 for the 3DS family of consoles. Coming as a spin-off in the entire franchise, it featured a talking Pikachu who interacts with the player to solve deep mysteries together. The game heavily focused on narrative storytelling, unlike other entries.

Just recently, famous YouTuber Zach from the channel SwitchForce discovered a major detail regarding the sequel to Detective Pikachu. He revealed that a game programmer has reportedly leaked the early information on the next part coming for the Nintendo Switch. An entry on the LinkedIn page for Jonathan Murphy states that he’s currently working on a Detective Pikachu 2 title.


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Under the ‘Experience’ section, the developer, who works at Creatures Inc., mentioned that he’s working on “an unannounced project and one in development, Detective Pikachu 2.”


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Since this intel is directly revealed by the developer related to the Nintendo title, it seems likely that there might be news coming soon. However, one cannot fully confirm anything on the same unless something is unveiled officially.

Meanwhile, there is already a Pokemon game coming this year for all the Nintendo players who adore the franchise. Scarlet and Violet will make their way in November 2022. They will be the first entries in the ninth generation of the Pokemon video game series.


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What are your thoughts and expectations about the Detective Pikachu sequel? Let us know in the comments down below.

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