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LinusTechTips Builds a $100,000 Computer for MrBeast’s Best Friend Karl Jacobs to Experience Ultimate Minecraft Gaming

Published 05/24/2023, 9:50 AM EDT

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In the MrBeast crew, one of the most beloved and renowned members is Karl Jacobs. Other than his appearances in MrBeast videos, Karl is also known for his Minecraft content. Alongside big names in the Minecraft community like Dream and Technoblade, Jacob is also considered an icon in the community. 

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Recently Jacob enlisted the help of LinusTechTips to build his next gaming PC. Jacobs gave Linus and his team $100,000 to build a ridiculous PC. Although, Linus’ team is not unfamiliar with building such ridiculous builds, making a $100k PC sure presented quite a challenge!

Karl Jacobs receives a $100,000 Minecraft PC from LinusTechTips


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Karl Jacobs has a YouTube channel with over four million subscribers, focusing mostly on Minecraft gameplay. He makes various challenges and absurd scenarios to play the game. Initially gaining attention through collaborations with Mr. Beast, Karl slowly developed his own fanbase by employing similar extravagant content formula to attract viewers to his videos.

For his new lavish Minecraft PC, Linus made him an all-in-one desk PC, a distinctive trademark of Linus Tech Tips (LTT). The desk houses everything needed for the PC, including cooling systems, graphics cards, and various other parts.


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Linus and his team shared that constructing a gaming PC with a budget of $100,000 is no simple task. In a previous video, they experimented with using Quadro cards for gaming and discovered that these non-GeForce cards performed exceptionally poorly. Instead, this PC build appears to focus on incorporating as many consumer-grade components as possible.


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The core components of the PC only amounted to $5,000. The video delves into the additional expenses that caused the total cost to exceed the prepaid $100,000 from Jacobs. These expenses included custom sculpting of an aluminum chassis and providing Jacobs with high-end production gear to ensure his Minecraft experience was flawless. The most surprising aspect is that four power supplies powered the PC, with Linus advising Jacobs to connect them to separate electrical circuits to avoid the risk of short circuit.


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They equipped the desk with cutting-edge technology and innovative features. They even lined some parts of the setup with gold, giving it an appearance that suits Jacobs’ style. However, Linus clarifies the desk does not come with a warranty, and they will make no further copies of this specific build. Therefore, anyone interested in this desk PC showcased in the video would need to source and manage it on their own. 

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