Looking for Romance in Starfield? Here’s A Guide to Choose Your Partner

Published 09/01/2023, 11:33 AM EDT

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With Bethesda bringing one of the largest open-world experiences to date, gamers await an overall blockbuster package. As we move closer to the launch of Starfield, the anticipation seems to reach sky-high. Unarguably, the Xbox exclusive is the most hyped release of the industry in a long while. The biggest selling point for Starfield has been its emphasis on an ultimate immersive experience. This includes the decision of choosing your companions and crew members along the course of the game. 

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The developers have advertised Starfield as a decision-induced narrative. Thus, every decision you make will directly influence the overall development of the characters and the story. So, you will not want to make any compromises while picking your companion. While the world begins the countdown to the release of Bethesda’s sci-fi exploration, we have your companion guide figured out. Before considering romance with any of the crew mates, we would highly recommend you go through the guide. 

Starfield: All Romance Options


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Just like the real world, the virtual world preaches the value of relationships and humanistic interactions to move closer to our goals. And the forthcoming Bethesda creation takes the approach to an all-new level. Players will be able to pick their crew members and interact spontaneously with them. Not to forget, the dialogue system in the game is probably the largest ever for an open world. 

As the old school saying goes, to pick the perfect romance partner, you have to understand them first. Here are the game’s potential romance options and other crew characters you should know about. 


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  • Sarah

She can be the first friend the player meets while playing. Sarah serves as the players’ main point of contact with the Constellation organization. With four stars in astrodynamics and three stars in lasers, she might be the ideal travel companion. Also, Sarah is a leader and prefers more of a diplomatic approach to any chaotic situation. 

  • Andreja 

Andreja is perhaps the final complete Starfield partner players will gain during the adventure. She will come into view when you search a cavern for an artifact. Also, she is stealthy, and unlike Sarah, likes being intimidated. She prefers a slightly messy personality, as that resonates with her rough years of life. 

  • Sam Coe

Adding Sam to your crew brings another adorable addition to the team. The space pilot would join your team during the Empty Nest mission with his daughter. Sam is the descendant of the Coe family, who established Akila City, but he and his father do not get along well.

  • Vasco 

Vasco is a bipedal expeditionary robot that belongs to the game’s first-seen constellation group. According to Bethesda, he is a heavy-industrial, utilitarian machine that is perfectly suited for the hardships of space flight. 

  • Mickey 

The idea of a space exploration with all the desired and tasty food seems impossible. Well, Mickey can get that covered for you. Although Mickey just had one star in Gastronomy, he is the best possible chef in the Bethesda world. Not to mention if you want to recruit him, you’ll be making all the payments in advance. You can pick him up at the Neon Bar. 

  • Rosie

Who wouldn’t want a doctor on board to complete the crew sheet? Rosie is a medically trained space traveler who would only join your crew if you paid the deal. To hire her for the team, players will have to make a visit to Akila City Bar. 

  • Barret

Barret is introduced quite early in the gameplay. Although, for him to become your companion, you would be required to clear the Back to Vectera mission. His skills include being a starship engineer along with other qualities like robotics and particle beam weapon systems. 

  • Lin

Lin will cross your character’s path during the mission of Back to Vectera. Unlike Barret, she will require some strong convincing by the dialogue system to join your crew. She brings the skills of an outpost manager to the table. 

  • Omari

Just like the space doctor, Omari can be found enjoying his time at the Akila City Bar. He can be a handy go-to man for the crew and the spaceship. The latter has ye skills of defense shield with some experience in engineering. 

  • Rafael 

Recruiting Rafael might be the most interesting process of all the above mentions. He is introduced quite late in the gameplay, around the completion of the Entangled mission. No, he doesn’t want the money. Players would be able to recruit the man if they decide to use him in the quest. Once you save him, you can recruit the outpost engineer to the crew. 

The correct approach to romance in Bethesda’s world

It is important to note that any potential romance would only bloom organically in the game. The game, through the side quests and dialogue system, keeps the narrative as realistic as possible. Therefore, players can expect all the reactions to be neither exaggerated nor subtle, but humane. Evidently, the highest romance potential would be in three characters Barret, Sarah, and Andreja. 

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Companions have a system of affinities. A boost will be given to you if you do something they like. This value is slightly diminishes if you do something they find offensive. Make sure you learn the Leadership talent if you want to improve your affinity gains.

The fact that companions are kind and considerate needs to be mentioned as well. They will grow to loathe you if you continue to act in ways they find offensive. However, you can persuade them via the Persuasion mini-game that the previous actions were mistakes.


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Be on your best behavior and make progress with interactions in the game. Romance away! 

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