Bella Poarch is famous for her lip sync videos on TikTok and is considered one of the most influential personalities of this generation. Last year she released the song ‘Build a B***h’ which got 405 million views. The song got popular because of its visuals and the cameos that were played by various influencers and actors. 

With the release of the second video, ‘Dolls‘, this popularity has remained. This time the gaming community is the main source of appreciation for the video. Alike the first video, the song features numerous cameos, but this time they are from the gaming community.


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This doll is killing it!!

The reactions have been incredibly positive, largely as a result of viewers hunting for all the hidden references and characters in the song. Because of the VFX and the expanded universe, some people believe that the ‘Dolls‘ video is superior to the original one.

Grimes, Valkyrae, Dream, Ludwig, Mizkif, Sykkuno, and a handful of others were among those who appeared in the video. After the premiere, fans were quite hyped and began tweeting stills from the video that included their favorite streamers. 

Although some fans were truly saddened to see Mizkif in only a few frames, others were unhappy to find Dream as the antagonist in the video.

Famous content creator Aria also commented on the tweet and was stunned by the performance as well as the VFX of the video.

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What did Bella Poarch have to say about the Cameos?

Although she didn’t say a lot about the overall video, she surely replied to some tweets from Ludwig and Mizkif. She praised and appreciated them and even said to Mizkif that he deserves an oscar.

After the Premiere, the TikTok star also acknowledged popular singer Grimes, who shared the screen with her.


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The entertaining pop singer, who once dated billionaire Tesla boss Elon Musk, saw her reaction to the song go viral in a matter of minutes thanks to the massive Twitter community.


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Her gesture towards the gamers and celebs got fans’ hearts as they started thanking her for the video. For some fans, it was an honor to see their beloved gamers being treated so well and with respect. Overall it was a once-in-a-lifetime thing to witness these many streamers and gamers in a song.