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Ludwig Makes a Risky Gamble by Going Undercover for $50,000 Twitch Rivals Event Despite Exclusive YouTube Partnership

Published 05/20/2023, 11:15 AM EDT

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One open secret that is quite popular on the internet is the rivalry between Twitch and YouTube. Though the latter has been in the scene for quite many years, it took a hit in the streaming department when Amazon introduced the purple platform. So, both these online spaces have tensions with each other.

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This has resulted in extensive partner contracts which both parties offer exquisite talents. Among them is Ludwig, who has been a partner for both Twitch and YouTube throughout his career. The adventurous streamer now has taken things a bit extreme when he decided to go undercover for a Twitch Rivals event even though he is affiliated with YouTube at the moment.

Ludwig becomes undercover agent Klevin for a Twitch Rivals event


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Twitch and YouTube take their partnership programs quite seriously. They have full authority over when and where to terminate a partner’s contract if they deem the partner has violated their trust. Thus, each streaming and content partner of these platforms must dread carefully. But this fright did not put an end to Ludwig and his shenanigans. We can even say that it worked as an adrenalin for him as he geared up to attend a Twitch Rivals competition.

Ludwig, who earlier was a Twitch partner and a subathon record holder migrated to YouTube after his dream run on Amazon’s platform came to an end. So, if he streams for Twitch and content related to his former home, he might get scrutinized by the red platform. Thus Lud decided to go undercover for the Fall Guys Twitch Rivals event which had a prize pool of $50,000!


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But Ludwig needed to make an alias for himself if he wanted to participate in the event. Thus Lud entered the competition with ConnorEatsPants’s team under the name Klevin. Though he has not played Fall Guys for quite a while, Ludwig tried his maximum to get into the finale.

His team finally ended up achieving the #6 position, which means Twitch had to pay Ludwig $775. This was quite hilarious for Ludwig as he has had no contact with Twitch ever since he dropped out of their partnership program.

Fans think the streamer is hilariously attempting to jeopardize his YouTube contract

The Ludwig fans who saw his video were commenting on how Ludwig was walking on a thin thread. That is, him being associated with Twitch to some extent might affect his relations with YouTube.


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Many fans think so and they were seen commenting about the same on his video. On the other hand, some others think that Ludwig is the only person who can get away with such a stunt.


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Both ways, it was quite hilarious to watch everything unfold. Moreover, we can expect more such fun-filled stunts from the popular streamer in the future as well.

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