Major FIFA 23 Event Leak Reveals Crucial Update Ahead of an Anticipated Launch

Published 09/26/2022, 7:30 AM EDT

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In the world of sports, soccer is one of its crown jewels. Any other sport rarely rivals the craze and love towards ‘The Beautiful Game’. The world comes together between the two goals. And gamers who devote themselves to this sport get to immerse in it with Electronic Art’s popular game franchise, the FIFA series. 

EA Sports releases a brand new installment in the series almost each and every year. Every installment brings something new to the field. With cutting-edge graphics, a realistic soundtrack, and real-time commentary. Fifa games are undoubtedly a delight to play for soccer fans and gamers alike. 


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Fans adore this franchise and look very eagerly for every new thing the game presents. And EA Sports also make sure that their fans are always satisfied. That is why the current installment of the series, FIFA 23, has a massive event called ‘Road to the Knockouts’ that is keeping the fans on their toes!

When will FIFA 23 RTTK happen?

According to the FIFA event calendar, the ‘Road to the Knockouts’ (RTTK) is set to be held on October 7th. For those who don’t know what ‘Road to the Knockouts’ is, it is a promo event celebrating the knockout stages of real-life leagues like the Champions League, Europe League, and Europe Conference league. Players from top clubs participating in these leagues are chosen. At the end of the event, the best player among the selected gets crowned the champion. 

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This event will feature special items assigned to a selection of players, with boosts in some stats and downgrades in others. The user will get to experience their favorite players in a new light. 


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After the end of ‘Road to the Knockouts’, Fifa 23 has many other events planned as well. RTTK will end on October 21, after that from the same day ‘Rulebreaker Promo Event’ will hit the servers. On November 4, the ‘Group Stage promo event’ will commence. Then on November 18, one of the biggest events will in be online for the users, that is the “World Cup promo event”. 

In the end, it is very apparent that the Fifa fans are set for a wild ride in during the next few months. The constant flow of events and contents will keep the gamers stick to their computer and consoles, making the wait till Worldcup 2022 a little more bearable. 


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What are your thoughts on FIFA 23? Are excited about these events? Let us know in the comments below.  


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