How would you respond to a human sized tomato on your lawn? Sounds like a piece of fiction or something straight out of a dream, but not for Timthetatman! The popular Fortnite pro came across a gigantic surprise just hours after Fortnite confirmed the return of root features from Chapter 1 in the upcoming release. As you may deduce, this surprise package accounts for a special initiative by Epic Games that’s implementing a perfect ‘nostalgic’ fest! 

From Assassin’s Creed to Resident Evil Remake, the ongoing year has been all about nostalgia. Apparently, Epic Games is also looking to bank on the same with Fortnite’s new chapter, or maybe more. With the hype around Fortnite’s OG’, another big homecoming is expected to be unloading. A speculation that was fueled by a tweet of CouRage has now received a ‘stylish confirmation’ from the developers. 

Epic Games sends timthetatman a ‘giant reminder’ to return to the OG squad! 


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The popular Fortnite pro timthetatman has received a special countdown package from the creators of the game. As seen in the video posted, the streamer is shocked to catch a giant tomato lying around on his lawn. The latter bursts into laughter and moves closer to the package. What is that! There’s no way Epic sent me a massive tomato. I mean just look at this thing, it’s massive. You’ll know what this means, OG Fortnite is back baby!” he mentioned in the video. 

Besides being a reminder of the big launch, this drop might also be a big tease to another homecoming. Apparently, all other members of the ‘OG’ Fortnite squad have been sent a similar package to remind them to return to the game. Also, a tweet from CouRage almost confirmed the speculations of the squad reuniting for the new chapter. One of his latest tweets read, “The return of Fortnite Chapter 1 means only one thing…The OG Squad must return too.”

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While Ninja, CouRage, DrLupo, and timthetatman, all garnered the community spotlight, fans seemed to have mostly enjoyed Tim’s candid reaction to the surprise. 

Fortnite fans celebrate as they can’t wait for the big reunion 

The video posted by the streamer immediately went viral on X (formerly Twitter) inviting a lot of fun reactions from the tactical shooter’s fans. Here are some of the interesting reactions that deserve your attention. 

A user is feeling “young again” courtesy of the efforts of Epic Games to bring back the good old days back in the running. The challenge of ‘repeating the past’ is accepted and how! 

The celebrations of the reunion have begun and the excitement around the OG squad’s return is unmatchable. 


A user has drawn parallel to Captain America hailing, “Avengers Assemble!” 


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A fan hails praises for Epic Games for their genius marketing and campaigning strategy before the big launch. 


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The ‘OG’ chapter unfolds on November 3, 2023, and it’s time to revisit the glory days of Fortnite! 

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