Mario Comes to Animal Crossing New Horizons in March

January 29, 2021 10:09 pm

Animal Crossing New Horizons has become increasingly popular during the global lockdown for COVID-19. The fifth game in the Animal Crossing franchise is currently the most popular. Naturally, the developers are striving to make the game more and more interesting with every upcoming update.

Recently, Nintendo hinted at a Mario theme for the game’s March update. However, they have not made an official announcement yet.

Nintendo hinted at a Animal Crossing New Horizons update in a promotional clip

In a video promoting an upcoming event in New Horizons called Festivale, Nintendo briefly clued the audience in on introducing Mario in the game. Pave the Dancer, the village visitor pioneers the Festivale event, which will take place on February 15.

While the video mostly shows the viewers details about the various festivities Pave arranged for Festivale, we also get a hint regarding the March update for Nintendo’s life simulation game. Nintendo dropped the news by showing viewers a mushroom and Super Star, both of which are trademarks of Super Mario.

Unfortunately, we do not have any more details regarding this update right now. However, this is not the first time that Nintendo has hinted at a possible crossover with the Super Mario world. Previously in the franchise’s mobile game, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, the developers had introduced items from Super Mario, like Koopa shells and coins.

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With the alarmingly rising number of cases of COVID-19 in Japan, the opening of the Super Nintendo World theme park in Universal Studios, Japan has been delayed indefinitely. Fortunately, with this exciting crossover, the community at least has something exciting to look forward to in the coming days. The trailer released on January 27, updating the community about the upcoming festivities that await them.

The Mario crossover in Animal Crossing New Horizons will appear as a part of the MAR10 celebrations, therefore releasing on March 10. Unfortunately, the gaming community will have to celebrate this event sitting at home.

What are your thoughts about this epic crossover? Let us know in the comments section.

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