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Massive $54 Million Income Doesn’t Make MrBeast As Popular as You Think

Published 02/02/2022, 1:27 PM EST

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MrBeast is one of the most popular content creators in the community. Furthermore, he is famous for his challenge videos where he offers his subscribers a huge amount of money as the grand prize. In addition to that, he became the most successful creator on YouTube back in 2021.

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The most popular Jimmy’s videos from last year were recreating the Squid Game and the $1,000,000 Influencer Tournament. Moreover, according to Forbes’ blog, Jimmy overshadows every other creator in terms of 2021 net worth.

Surprisingly, Jimmy recently shared a funny incident that made most of his fans lose their mind. Continue reading to find more about the Jimmy sharing his hilarious moment.


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MrBeast shared a hilarious incident with his fans on Twitter

Jimmy Donaldson better known as MrBeast, is widely popular for his massive giveaways. Several fans also wonder how could he spend so much on making videos and still organize many charity events. Recently, he shared a very funny incident with his fans on Twitter.

His tweet said, “I swear to god I just walked past two random guys casually debating how much money MrBeast makes and they didn’t notice me.” It’s very shocking that most people still don’t know about MrBeast even though he is the biggest YouTube personality.


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Furthermore, another popular creator, Logan Paul, also replied to Jimmy and said,” I witnessed this”. Could this be a sign that two popular creators are working together or is Jimmy again planning to appear on one of Logan’s podcasts?


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One fan also commented, “Wait until they find out MrBeast actually spends all his money to make the amazing content we enjoy watching.” People who don’t know how much money Jimmy makes, he was the highest-paid YouTuber of 2021.


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According to Forbes, his 2021 net worth was around $54 Million USD. Other than him, Jake Paul, Markiplier, Rhett and Link, and Unspeakable also crossed the $30 million mark by earning,  $45 Million USD, $38 Million USD, $30 Million USD, and $38.5 Million USD, respectively last year.

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