Massive $70 Price Tag Has Call of Duty Fans Enraged With Modern Warfare II – “No Justifiable Reason For This”

Published 06/09/2022, 11:45 AM EDT

Infinity Ward’s massive $10 price raise has created chaos amongst the fans. The franchise has made this move for their upcoming title, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II, releasing later this year. 

They previously set the original price to $60, based according to industry standards. But now, they have increased the price to $70 for the base version. Apart from that, their vault edition is available for $99. Fans are not pleased with Activision’s move as the price range looks unrealistic.


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Is Activision making everything just too expensive?

Activision announced a raise of $10 in the price for their upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. They originally set the game at $60, now changing it to $70. The massive price jump is not just limited to PC as it extends to every platform. Popular Call Of Duty informant, CharlieIntel revealed this information via a Twitter post. He also mentioned that Activision will release a Vault edition priced at $99.

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For those uninitiated, the Vault edition will provide additional Operators, Season One Battle Pass, and a few other things. Here’s what he said. ‘Modern Warfare 2’s cheapest edition is $70 across all platforms, including PC. Yes – Activision raised the price by $10 for all platforms. The Vault Edition is $99. There is no $60 edition anymore.’

It was just a matter of minutes that the thread exploded with fans not believing this piece of information. Here’s what they had to say. 


Also, the raised price does not limit to the United States as fans from over the world have complained about this issue. In Canada, Activision has set the base version of Modern Warfare 2 at CAD 89.99 and the Vault Edition at CAD 129.99. These are more expensive than the previous versions, which cost $39.99.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II finally makes its big reveal!

After years of speculation, Activision finally made the big reveal of their Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II on 8th June 2022. They released a two-minute trailer release showcasing the first look at the campaign mode. 

As we all know, Modern Warfare II ranks on the list of anticipated releases. So, with its release, fans were finally relieved. 


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The two-minute video brought back some of the iconic characters of the game. They were Captain John Price, Sergeant Kyle Gaz Garrick, Lieutenant Simon Ghost Riley, Sergeant John Soap McTavish, and CIA Station Chief Kate Laswell. But that soon became history as it introduced Shadow Company, owned by Captain Phillips Graves, functioning as a military contractor. 


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What are your thoughts about this? Did you watch the trailer? Let us know in the comments section. 



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