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Massive GFuel Controversy Prompts Twitch Streamers to Part Ways With the Energy Drink Brand

Published 06/17/2022, 1:14 PM EDT

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eSports has become immensely popular in the world. Furthermore, to support gamers, there are several gaming organizations, such as FaZe Clan, Cloud 9, Team Liquid, 100 Thieves, and many more who are constantly looking to recruit skilled gamers. Interestingly, a lot of eSports organizations and streamers partner with several beverage companies to promote their product.

One such beverage company is GFuel which is facing a lot of allegations and lost its reputation in the community. GFUEL is a Natural Energy Drink Formula created by Gamma Labs. Over the years, GFuel has partnered with very popular content creators and eSports organizations such as PewDiePie, FaZe Clan, moistcr1tikal, xQc, and many more.

Recently, seven GFuel partners and talent managers got fired, reportedly as a part of “restructuring” for the company. However, recent reports claim that the employees were allegedly fired less than 24 hours after complaining about a derogatory slur made by a higher-up in the company. Soon GFuel started facing a lot of hate from the community for its actions.


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Furthermore, many influencers and content creators have already announced their departure from the company. Continue reading to find more about the GFuel allegations and influencers’ reactions towards it.

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Influencers revolt and cut ties with the popular beverage company, GFuel, after the current allegation

The internal report of GFuel allegations is disclosed by Jake Lucky. He has been covering the ongoing situation of seven workers on Twitter. He also reported that the person in question is alleged to have called the members of the team “lazy motherf**kers” as well. It’s also said that after the call, several employees called Human Resources to complain about the situation.

However, they were all fired within 24 hours of the initial complaint. The situation became a huge highlight after GFuel started banning viewers who asked about the situation in their Twitch chat. Naturally, after hearing about the current situation, several influencers and content creators announced their farewell to the popular beverage company.


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Here are some of the popular tweets in the community


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Apart from that popular Fortnite content creator, iFireMonkey, also announced his departure from the company. He mentioned, “After the recent news about unjust employee layoffs and my personal disagreement with the NFTs the company was partaking in, i’ve decided to part ways with the brand.”


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