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McDonald’s UK Stuns Nintendo Fans With Its Special Announcement to Honor the Super Mario Bros Movie

Published 12/19/2022, 8:00 AM EST

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McDonald’s UK has stunned Nintendo fans with a massive announcement, and they are loving it!

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A few months back, Nintendo announced the Super Mario Bros. movie starring Chris Pratt. It was one of their biggest achievements as it was the first feature film adapted from a Nintendo video game. Initially, Nintendo promised a late December release, enthralling fans from different parts of the world. But then, they disappointed all by pushing it to March 2023, marking a worldwide release. 


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This created chaos as fans were desperate for the movie to drop soon. Plus, it featured the famous Marvel star, gearing up the hype for the franchise. However, sadly, fans had to accept fate as the Japanese giant pushed the movie to 2023. 

Amidst the chaos, the popular food chain McDonald’s decided to step into the issue, taking the matter into its own hands. Their UK brand made a special announcement for all Nintendo fans, inviting them to the stores. 

McDonald’s UK calls out all Nintendo fans to grab their special happy meal toy 

Days after the second trailer release, Nintendo fans could not wait for the Super Mario Bros. movie to drop. So, McDonald’s decided to settle down the storm by announcing a special happy meal line honoring the movie. 

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Their UK branches confirmed to add a paper kit featuring characters from the movie, including Cranky Kong on a bike, Mario and Luigi’s work van, and more. Apparently, the paper kit toys will only limit to the UK and Ireland as McDonald’s decided to cut down on plastic toys in 2021. Since then, all outlets sold paper toys, and kits as an addition to the happy meal. 


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This unique marketing strategy by Nintendo has helped them stand out as thousands of Super Mario Bros. fanatics have bought the happy meal. Plus, it worked as a catalyst to settle the chaos as Nintendo shifted the movie dates four months apart. Here’s how some of the designs look. 


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As of now, Nintendo has published two trailers for the movie, giving a rough idea about the storyline. The movie opens ‘with Mario fighting Donkey Kong, and lets fans hear the voices of Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Luigi (Charlie Day) for the first time. It also shows a racing scene inspired by Mario Kart.’


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So, while we look out for our perfect Super Mario Bros. toy, we hope you head over to your nearest stores and grab your favorite ones!

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