Minecraft YouTuber Dream Deletes Face Reveal Video and Pledges to Wear Mask Full-Time Due to “Hate”

Published 06/10/2023, 1:10 PM EDT

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If fans are asked about the popular Minecraft streamers in the world, the name Dream is guaranteed to come up. He, along with his group of friends, has made Minecraft a fun watch for many fans over the years.

His masked appearance was also something that intrigued many fans. However, fans got an answer to that mystery last year in October 2022, when Dream uploaded a video revealing his face to the fans. This was a very hyped-up event in the Minecraft community. But now, the YouTuber has decided to revert back to his masked form and remove any traces of his face due to online hate.

Minecraft YouTuber Dream decides to wear a mask again following criticism


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Recently, Dream uploaded a video titled ‘bye, from Dream’. In this video, he renounced showing his face to fans and said he is wearing a mask again. He also declared he has deleted his face reveal video titled hi, I’m Dream. He stated, “After face revealing and removing my mask, I regretted the attention and hate, and am walking it back”.


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The YouTuber is taking some radical steps to remove all of his pictures present online. He plans to remove all his social media presence and wants to revert back to “being a gamer in a mask”. He has also convinced MrBeast to remove their collaboration video. He said, “I will be getting rid of everything other than my new mask”.

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His new mask will be a special one too. The Minecraft YouTuber mentioned a professional mask-making company made him a new mask. This new mask will let him be in his Dream persona even in public. The YouTuber concluded by stating, “I appreciate you all more than you could ever know, and I will be working on my face while I’m masked again”.


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His message to his fans talking about how ugly he felt due to criticism was heartbreaking for many. However, every fan of his is stating him to accept who he is as they are standing by him. What are your thoughts on Minecraft YouTuber Dream opting to revert back to his masked phase? Let us know in the comment section below.

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