Missing Feature Enrages Call of Duty: Vanguard Players As They Struggle To Complete Key Mission

Published 11/10/2021, 12:26 PM EST

Call of Duty: Vanguard launched in the market on the 5th of November. Just four days after the release of the title, the community’s misery does not seem to end. One would think Der Anfang, the new Zombies map, would be the only problematic bit. Sadly, they couldn’t be more wrong.


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The assassin’s proficiency, an essential attachment, that is required to complete various challenges to unlock different camos, doesn’t seem to be a part of the game. Following the harsh criticism the devs received on social media platforms for the unique zombie mode, Vanguard players took to Twitter to point out a missing feature that hinders a vital challenge.


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Call of Duty: Vanguard – Assassin Proficiency missing

The enraging issue rises when players try to unlock the Automaton AR’s Mind Games Camo. To obtain the mentioned camo, players are required to get 10 kills using a specific list of attachments using ADS.

The list features the following attachments:

  • Anastasia sniper barrel
  • Embrepp Broadsword stock
  • Assassin proficiency

And to Vanguard players’ surprise, the Assassin Proficiency isn’t a part of the game, yet.


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Popular Call of Duty content creator and streamer, JGOD, also pointed out the bug in a recent tweet. While JGOD commented on the absurd glitch in a polite manner, not every Vanguard player followed JGOD’s footsteps.

Since the Proficiency’s non-existence means players cannot acquire Mind Games Camo, it means that this prohibits them from unlocking the Gold Camos. One Twitter user chose to resort to obscene language upon noticing the bug.

Twitter’s reaction

To make matters even worse, players will also be barred from unlocking the Diamond Camos for any other Assault Rifle as well. This is because completing the Diamond Camo challenge requires players to unlock the Gold variants for each gun in the category.

Professional Call of Duty player, @treboicarti, also joined the conversation and referred to the situation as “mind-blowing.”

FaZe’s content creator, FaZe JSmooth, couldn’t believe it and tweeted out the following:

Other fans, who were clearly infuriated with the weird glitch, tagged Sledgehammer Games in their tweets and did not hold back on letting them know how they felt about it.


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Hopefully, Sledgehammer comes up with a fix for this sooner or later.


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In other news, Activision received severe backlash for their new map, Der Anfang, that reintroduces Zombies in the game. Find out more regarding the same here.

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