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MrBeast Angrily Snaps Back at Critics for Stating His Deeds to Be an Example of Systemic Ableism

Published 02/11/2023, 11:00 AM EST

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Being the biggest and most subscribed individual sure has its pros and cons. Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as the MrBeast, is currently experiencing this very fact through the responses that his latest video has been receiving. Titled ‘1,000 Blind People See For The First Time’ was a track-change for the MrBeast channel and it was well received by many. But for some, the video was a source to criticize at.

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Jimmy has been commenting on and questioning many of these criticisms. And yet again, another angle towards the topic now has caught his eye.

MrBeast questions the systemic ableism comments


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Jimmy and his team are currently in the spotlight, courtesy of the critics of his latest video. In it, Jimmy was helping people who were suffering from vision problems to get better. But, the title of the video and the philanthropic content was not liked by many. Some even went on to call it ‘demonic’ in one instance.

Now, MrBeast is faced with yet another criticism that calls out his actions to be a reflection of systemic ableism. TechCrunch analyzed the actions/deeds that Jimmy did in his latest video as an example of systemic ableism. That is, according to TechCrunch, the majority of ‘abled’ people view disability as something to be pitied and mourned about. And what the millionaire YouTuber is doing is reinstating this factor.


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MrBeast had a thought or two about these accusations. In his reply tweet, Donaldson pointed out that the people featured in his video wanted this life-changing surgery. He added that they wanted to get this surgery and question the critic on why they would prefer otherwise. That is, why are they against MrBeast helping people who want to get this surgery?

The Twitter community joins hands with Jimmy

Followed by Jimmy’s comments were waves of support for the loved content creator. People were calling out the criticism of being way out of line. Moreover, they even accused them of trying to use MrBeast as a means to get more popularity.

Many from the online community, including the Beast fans, were mocking the people who criticized the deeds of MrBeast. They were questioning the stance that the critics take when someone was trying to genuinely help the people who expressed they wanted help.


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It seems like these criticisms will not burn out anytime soon, but from the looks of it, Jimmy is unfazed by all these and is planning to concentrate on doing what he loves the most.

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