MrBeast left the fans impressed with his latest YouTube feature. Following the mixed sort of response to his previous Olympic video, the stakes were high for the creator with the next development. And if it isn’t a banger of a comeback. The new YouTube video has already taken the internet by storm by implementing the wildest of stunt ideas in reality. But there’s something more to the video than just entertainment. 

YouTube’s very own King MrBeast has left the fans thrilled by making an interesting announcement through his latest video. The announcement involves a long list of other giant eSports streamers in the community. Yes, the YouTuber shared the news of an exciting upcoming eSports league that breaks the conventional format of fan interactions with the star streamers. Here’s what the buzz is all about.

Is MrBeast coming back to eSports? 


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The newest YouTube release has more than many reasons to leave the fans invested in asking for more. Although with a teaser of an upcoming gaming league, MrBeast ignited various speculations in the community. The possibility of him heading back to eSports as he had earlier expressed his will to. The latter in the latest upload announced ‘Creator League’. It is a competitive gaming tournament organized by eFuse. The league has partnered with 8 of the most iconic streamers across the globe. 

It’s like having a front row season ticket but you’re not just watching. You’re actively drafting teams, changing strategies, and sharing the rewards”, quoted MrBeast while promoting the league. Unfortunately, the creator would only be playing the advertising part for the league, as he is not part of the competition. The eFuse team wanted the biggest possible platform to announce the launch of the Creator League, and who better to approach than the King of YouTube? 

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Once players purchase a creator league pass, they’ll be able to influence the league and compete at weekly tournaments. The prizes involved are as big as $300,000. Also, the creator league would give the opportunity for some of the lucky subscribers to meet their favorite influencers participating in the league. 

Plan your participation 


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If this doesn’t convince you, hold until you listen to what MrBeast has to offer. For the players who sign up in the next seven days, a Feastables box is a complimentary gift by the creator. Looks like a fair deal now?

The lineup includes names like Bella Poarch, CDawg, Clix, and of course the variety streamer of the year IShowSpeed. The Creator League will begin with a Fortnite custom map competition, and these creators will each captain a team in that competition.

The tournament has an open qualifying and a $50,000 prize fund, with the best competitors earning a position on the squad of their preferred inventor. Following the completion of the open qualifying, there will be a launch show when the creators will select their teams. Following the launch show, the league will begin, with the first split final taking place in early October and including a $200,000 prize fund.


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You can sign up for the tournament by clicking on the link.

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