MrBeast Breaking YouTube’s 100 Million Subscriber Barrier Might Happen Sooner Than You Think

Published 02/10/2022, 10:36 AM EST

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Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, is one of the most loved and popular content creators on the red platform. With a staggering 90 million subscribers on YouTube, MrBeast is the highest-earning creator of 2021. From real-life Squid Games to spending 50 hours buried alive, MrBeast has truly impressed his audience with unique content ideas. However, the real question is whether MrBeast will be able to hit the 100 million milestone in 2022? Hint- It’s much sooner than you think.

Interestingly, as pointed out by Social Blade, the YouTube King could hit the 9 digit milestone sooner than ever in June 2022. According to the DailyBeast Statistics tweet, MrBeast will exactly hit the 100 million milestone on June 23, 2022. however, this date could even change over time. To put it simply, this date depends completely on the popularity of MrBeast video ideas.


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MrBeast YouTube journey to 90 million subscribers

MrBeast’s YouTube growth is nothing short of wild at this point. From channel views to subscribers count, his numbers are truly groundbreaking as compared to the majority of solo content creators out there. With a whopping 216 million views in 2 months, his real-life Squid Game recreation is all set to become the most popular video by any content creator on YouTube.

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As it turns out, MrBeast is already picking over an impressive half a million subscribers in just a week. If he manages to keep up this pace, he could even beat PewDiePie (the most subscribed solo creator on YouTube) in 2022.

Moreover, according to MrBeast, he is working on something even bigger than real-life Squid Games for 2022. With all the bigger projects in line for this year, MrBeast is truly planning out something big for 2022. Well, for now, the trajectory of MrBeast’s statistics and his skyrocketing popularity is very much in favor of MrBeast.


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Do you think MrBeast will be able to hit 100 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel by June 2022? Also, who’s who is your favorite content creators on the red platform? Let us know in the comment section below.

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