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MrBeast Fulfills a Young Fan’s Request and Stokes the North Dakota Crowd

Published 03/17/2023, 10:10 AM EDT

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The MrBeast brand is now one of the prominent faces in content creation. With massive popularity and fans across the globe, Donaldson now is a celebrated figure. His presence at any event garners thousands to attend. The videos featuring him gain millions of views.

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He is one of the most adored celebrities right now on the internet. His influence and popularity also affect the people close to him as well in a positive way. The request that was made towards Reed Duchscher recently is one such moment that the world got to see.

MrBeast: The internet sensation who is loved by fans beyond borders


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Jimmy Donaldson is the current king of YouTube. He was crowned in 2022 after he beat the total subscriber count of PewDiePie to become the most subscribed individual on the platform. He and his brand now have been embedded in the hearts of millions across the world. An indication of the very same could be spotted in the recent event that featured Reed Duchscher. He is the talent manager of Jimmy, and fans might have seen him countless times with Donaldson.

This time he was in North Dakota talking to fans. During this session, one of them had a small request for Reed. The fan requested him if it was possible to facetime MrBeast right then and there. Reed straight away dialed up Jimmy, shocking the people who were watching.


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“I should have prepped him,” Reed joked as the phone rang. Soon MrBeast took the call and the crowd burst into cheers. He was seen smiling at the phone camera. Reed asked him to greet the North Dakota fans, to which he happily agreed. His greetings yet again were met with another wave of cheers.

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“I am watching PewDiePie,” stated Jimmy soon after greeting his hundreds of fans who were cheering seeing Reed’s phone. It seems like even though he has become the biggest star on YouTube, he still adores watching his idol PewDiePie’s videos. Reed ended the call by saying he would contact Jimmy later.

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The very response that Jimmy got when he appeared on Reed’s phone shows how impactful MrBeast is. He has become a role model and inspiration for many. It seems like most youth who are regular users of the YouTube platform and other social media look up to Jimmy for quality content.


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We can expect a MrBeast video to drop soon since the hits that Jimmy posted on his socials point towards the same.

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