The star YouTuber MrBeast is widely admired for his wit and humor while interacting with people. The streamer has been involved in a lot of fun banters with a lot of other popular faces. MrBeast fans might remember a similar fun interaction of the star with the SpaceX and Twitter chief, Elon Musk. In a fun interaction through tweets, the YouTuber had shown interest his interest in taking over Twitter. 

The creator today is well-known beyond the gaming community for his entertaining content and philanthropic works. He is also a successful businessman now with his popular brand ‘Feastables’ making massive numbers in the candy industry. MrBeast has always been enthusiastic about trying out innovative business ventures. A revisit to a candid conversation with Elon Musk hints at his next vision in a hilarious way. 

“No Takesies Backsies”: MrBeast To Be The Successor of Twitter After Elon Musk? 


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Elon Musk had tweeted a cryptic tweet last year in May that went viral on social media. The netizens came up with various speculations responding to the tweet. It was only until MrBeast joined the conversation and turned it into a fun sarcastic banter. The SpaceX founder wrote, “If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowing ya.” Responding to the cryptic tweet, the streamer commented, “If that happens can I have Twitter?” The Twitter thread ended with a surprising reply by Elon Musk. “Ok” Musk responded.

The creator was extremely thrilled after the nod. He later posted a picture of the Twitter thread conversation with the caption, “No takesies backsies.” The conversation thread might not work as a “legal document” for a Twitter take over but it was worth a laughing stock for all the MrBeast fans. The tweet went so viral that it made more than 29 million impressions. Fans couldn’t stop themselves from reacting to the post. The post had some of the most rib-tickling comments which definitely deserve your attention. 

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Some interesting picks to give you a chuckle. 

A fan takes a sarcastic dig at the YouTuber’s wish. He wrote, “This has made you a major suspect in any attempt to assassin the man. As you can imagine, now you are one who would benefit greatly from it.”

Another fan hilariously plays the reverse card on the creator. 

A third user appreciates the vision.


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Some fans have their own deals after the successful trade. 


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While all this conversation involves harmless fun, fans wouldn’t mind the creator being crowned the Twitter chief as well. The streamer has already asserted his dominance with every venture he has put his foot in. Undoubtedly, the fans want to see more and more of MrBeast in every possible way. 

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