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MrBeast Reveals His Intense Schedule To Keep Nearly 200 Million YouTube Subscribers Happy

Published 03/08/2022, 10:38 AM EST

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The creator of the iconic podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, Joe Rogan, often has the entire world talking about the podcast episodes, featuring stars from all industries. Over the years, the television presenter turned UFC commentator, has had several guests of the highest orders. Including the likes of Elon Musk, Kevin Hart, and Mike Tyson as well.

America’s Favorite Video Today

One would think it would be impossible to one-up these podcasts. But the American podcast expert always finds a way. In his latest episode, Joe Rogan talks to YouTube sensation and philanthropist Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson.

Interestingly, MrBeast reveals his hectic weekly schedule that he seems to love despite him “constantly like losing his mind.” Here’s what the YouTuber revealed about why he continues with his current rate of work.


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MrBeast reveals his weekly YouTube schedule on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast

In the two-plus-hour-long podcast, Joe Rogan and MrBeast talk about various subjects varying from the YouTuber’s early days as a creator to how he became successful. Additionally, MrBeast talks about his love and passion for the red platform and making YouTube content.

This seemed to impress Joe Rogan immensely. The 23-year-old then walks Joe Rogan through his Beast Gaming and Beast Reacts catalog, showcasing the popularity and success he has had with other content apart from his primary channel.


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He states, “I actually spend a ******* of my time every week filming ’cause we have five different channels.” 

Why Did MrBeast A.K.A. Jimmy Donaldson Give Up a Bright Baseball Future To Become a Star on YouTube?

While talking about Beast Gaming, MrBeast reveals that they have one of the largest gaming and reacts channels on the platform before deep-diving into his intense weekly schedule.

The YouTuber explains, “Usually, on Mondays, I film for gaming. On Tuesdays, I film for reacts… Wednesday through Fridays I film on the main channel. And Saturday is when I do Beast Burger and Feastables and like all my side businesses, so I take calls. And then I try not to work on Sunday.” 


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Joe Rogan was left astonished, to say the least, and asked, “How much energy do you have to do this?” And to this, MrBeast had an interesting response and laughingly answered.

Not enough. I’m constantly like losing my mind. But it’s all self implied and at any point, I could like stop. So it’s like no one’s forcing me. But it’s just like it’s just… I don’t know. It’s like if I don’t, I get depressed.

MrBeast has quite often expressed his love for making the best YouTube videos. Now, following the podcast with Joe Rogan, it is quite clear how dedicated and hardworking MrBeast really is.


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What do you think of MrBeast’s weekly plan? Let us know in the comments down below?

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