Amidst the raging Twitch drama, MrBeast seems to be wanting to get back to YouTube as his choice for streaming. For quite some time, MrBeast wasn’t seen to do what he is known for, giving away staggering amounts of money to fans.

In a recent video on YouTube, Jimmy “MrBeast” looked to revive his signature vlog style and took random Minecraft players to side-quests where they got the chance to win some large numbers.

MrBeast hosts a quest for players to earn money by completing them


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In a YouTube video from June 17, MrBeast and his band of friends, including Karl and Chandler, asked random players to be part of quests that they designed in Minecraft. In the first quest, a 15-year-old kid going by the name sleepycross was given the option to choose between $10,000 and a mystery box.

After some confusion, the ambitious kid went for the mystery box, only to realize he’s won a brand new car valued at much more than the cash prize that he chose not to go for. MrBeast joked to give the money for the car to the player’s mother because he’s not of age to drive anything.

For the second challenge, MrBeast was joined by content creator Ludwig. For this challenge, Ludwig was shown famous landscapes in Minecraft and he had to guess which country he was in. Every time Ludwig was right, MrBeast promised to pay increasingly higher amounts of money to random viewers of Ludwig’s streams.

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After dodging bullets with a few easy ones Ludwig tapped out, but not before three of his fans had received almost more than $10,000. MrBeast didn’t stop there and sponsored a trip to the Bahamas for any one mother of either of his next challengers. The moms were asked to finish a race course in Minecraft, and couldn’t stop laughing while trying to reach the finish line.

Meander around mines and find the target with arrows

MrBeast’s quest challenges didn’t end just there. As a fourth quest, another Minecraft player teamed up with Chris to be able to win 5,000 dollars. Chris got the hang of things after a few attempts and finally managed to hit the apple sitting on top of the player’s head to help her win the cash prize. Rayneofkalamity was chosen as the next challenger who only won $1,900 by stacking Cheez-It crackers on top of each other.


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Mariodylan was the next contestant who was given eh chance to choose and open boxes to earn money, which doubles in the amount every time. The only catch was there were multiple boxes with dynamites, and if he chose one such box, Dylan loses everything. The player in the Mario suite managed to make $4,000 before being blasted into bits from dynamite. Despite the initial rule of losing everything, MrBeast gave away $1,000 to Dylan for participation.

For the final quest, MrBeast pit two long-time friends against each other who had to kill the other in order to win the prize. Beast also gave them money at the beginning of the round to buy equipment that can help them win. The winner was decided after an intense battle, who won $8,000.


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Many think by uploading such a specifically made video makes it seem that MrBeast is trying to get his YouTube viewing back to where they used to be.

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