MrBeast’s Close Friend Karl Jacobs Joins Austin Show and QTCindrella After Signing a Deal With Popular Esports Franchise Misfits Gaming

Published 03/10/2023, 8:30 AM EST

The value that is given to content creation over the last few years is extraordinary. From top dogs like MrBeast to aspiring young talent in the content entertainment field have been getting many opportunities thanks to this boom.

One means through which these talented artists can shine is the affiliation with an Esports organization. Many talented personalities like QTCinderella, Valkyrae, Kyedae, and many others are part of some big organizations that help them make memorable content.

Now Karl Jacobs, known to be one of the close confidantes of Jimmy Donaldson, has taken up a new home at a popular Esports organization.


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Karl Jacobs makes a grant entry to Misfits Gaming

The current internet entertainment industry is very competitive. There is a lot of talent out there and thus being successful is a difficult thing to pull off. But there are talents who climb up the ladder and are noticeable. One such skilled person is Karl Jacobs.

We all know him for his constant presence in the MrBeast videos. He is part of the on-screen cast of Jimmy’s channel, and from this, Karl has surely become a favorite of many. Jacobs also has his own YouTube Channel, where he posts interesting Minecraft challenges. 

The internet star now has taken a further step in his career by signing up with the popular Misfits Gaming franchise. He has joined the Esports organization as their Creative Executive and Co-owner. This is a big step up for the star. With the talent and enthusiasm that he portrays on screen, it would be no surprise that he would shine brightly in this new role.

Surely the responsibilities have increased by several folds for the young content creator, but he is as enthusiastic as ever.


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Karl is joined by Austin Show, who is a former 100 Thieves member. He joined the team as an Executive Producer.

Misfit gaming has been vocal about their want to sign more content-based personnel into their roster. And the addition of Karl and Austin indeed is an incredible addition in that regard. The franchise already has other talented artists like QTCinderella.


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Karl and Austin are in high hopes regarding this new chapter in their lives. Jacobs shared his excitement about exploring more unique ideas which he had earlier shelved.


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His future with MrBeast was not mentioned in Karl’s responses. And it seems like he still would be associated with his close friend. If confirmed, this would surely be a relief for his fans. As for now, we can hope that he is still in the MrBeast on-screen crew.



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