MrBeast’s Girlfriend Thea Booysen Gives the World Her Own Version of Iconic ‘Disaster Girl’ Meme

Published 06/03/2023, 6:50 AM EDT

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Fans have had a good laugh after Thea Booysen re-created one of the most iconic memes on the planet. 

Thea Booysen is one of the most famous female content creators right now. She rose to fame in February 2022 when she started dating MrBeast. The two instantly hit it off, featuring multiple brand shoots, videos, projects, and more together. Not to forget, Jimmy pulled her out of her writer’s block, which limited Thea from writing for seven years. So, fans loved the pair and wished the best for them. 

However, Thea always wanted an identity of her own, as she never missed headlines. She made her mark in the industry, advising creators, talking about growth, and streaming regularly. Plus, Booysen never walked away from the hype as she made herself exclusive with memes. Recently, she re-created one of the most iconic memes, considering she was in a similar situation.


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Thea Booysen cracks up fans with a perfect re-creation of an iconic meme 

On June 2, 2023, Thea Booysen uploaded a series of posts on her Instagram. There, fans could see a conversation between the content creator and her DoorDash driver. Apparently, the delivery boy told Booysen that he was reaching in the next few minutes with her delicious food.


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But well, things were not looking great near Thea’s house as there was a fire. This is when the content creator turned herself into a meme, re-creating the ‘disaster girl.’ For those uninitiated, the disaster girl is a 2007 meme featuring a small girl near a burning house. At first, it looks like the girl has an evil smile after burning it down herself, but then one can make out the Photoshop effects. 


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However, the photo’s bizarre effects made it viral on the internet, and to date, people have a good laugh about it. So, Thea decided to re-create it in her own style with a similar background. In the photo, she featured herself in a white t-shirt having an evil smile. The back of the photo had a fire in the woods and an ambulance almost there to wipe it off. 

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Thea Booysen posted the image on Instagram, as well as Twitter, crackling fans. And not to forget her screenshot with the DoorDash driver, which was the icing on the cake. After all, we don’t find people being calm with a fire nearby, so it was nothing but spectacular.

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