Superheroes have been an important aspect of our lives since childhood. And if those superheroes make their entry into the gaming world, is there anything better than that? Be it the classic Batman: Arkham Knight or the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, these titles have always been a treat for their fans.

As per Wonder Woman fans, there was some excitement a few years ago. But since then, things have gotten pretty dry, and there has not been much updating from Monolith Productions. But now it seems the developing company is going to give all the Wonder Woman fans a big treat.

Wonder Woman Concept Art Leaked


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Famous gaming production house Monolith Production and renowned publisher WB Games announced the Wonder Woman Game on December 9, 2023. The announcement teaser got all the fans on their feet. But since then, it’s been kind of rough out there as far as any updates regarding the game are concerned.

But now there might be a reason to rejoice for all the fans, as we got some leaks about the Wonder Woman game. And this leak is none other than the Senior Mocap Supervisor for Animation Support at Monolith Productions, James Philip Gentile. Gentile recently shared a teaser of the game in his LinkedIn header image.

The image reportedly shows how Wonder Woman would look in the game. Wonder Woman is in Themyscira. There were also two other characters besides Wonder Woman. The character with the shield is speculated to be Artemis, who is an Amazonian warrior. Another one with futuristic armor and a gun in her hands is still unrecognized. Wonder Woman’s costume looks like we haven’t seen it anywhere, so this costume might be seen for the first time in the game itself.

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Although these are all speculations and rumors, the noise of speculations and excitement got louder when Gentile deleted that photo from his LinkedIn profile. That means he never wanted to share it deliberately, and somehow it was shared mistakenly. So, it easily states that the Wonder Woman concept art is definitely a teaser of the game, and the game is well and truly in the works.

According to rumors, this game is going to be a single-player open-world RPG. This will be a completely original story in the DC universe. We might also see a new “nemesis system,” where lost enemies return to take revenge.

Fans Are Ecstatic

This game is the most hyped one for this fan.

This fan thought the game was canceled.

This fan is quite hopeful about this upcoming title.

This game looks good, according to one fan.


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This fan wants an update on the game at this year’s Gamescom.


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Although this is just concept art and there is nothing confirmed as such by either Monolith or WB. But after a silent period of two years, this little but significant leak has reignited the flames of excitement that were glowing after the announcement. Let’s hope Monolith Productions gives us a solid update about the game pretty soon.

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