Nadeshot Is in ‘Love’ With Call of Duty Warzone – Reveals One Major Issue

March 28, 2020 8:21 pm

Nadeshot is in love with Call of Duty Warzone like most of the other people in the world. 100 Thieves founder is specifically in awe of the developers who created this game. But for the second time this week, Nade lashed out and warned devs about the disadvantages of familiar villain which in this case is SBMM(Skill Based Matchmaking).

Nadeshot wrote on Twitter, “I’m in love with Call of Duty: Warzone, seriously. Hats off to the developers who created this masterpiece. But I’m telling you now if skill based matchmaking isn’t removed or dialed back, the game will inevitably die. Please don’t ruin this, the game is too good.”

Clearly, Nade is not happy with this whole ‘SBMM’ saga. Notably, Call of Duty developers has neither confirmed nor denied any allegations of putting ‘SBMM’ in the game. But many users via their shared experiences asserted that there is definitely SBMM in the new Infinity Ward Game.
Earlier in the week when someone questioned Nade about his SBMM allegations. He was quick to reply with, “If a dev told me that there wasn’t skill based matchmaking in Warzone, I wouldn’t believe them. There are over 30 million registered playing Warzone, and somehow I consistently face off against players I know that are at the top of the leaderboards. It’s beyond coincidence.”

Call of Duty Warzone and SBMM

A popular example of the game dying because of SBMM is Apex legends. Many popular streamers and pro shifted from Apex once the game included SBMM in their play. It is true that SBMM let equal playing field for all kind of players, no matter if they are playing for 1st or 1000th time. But the opposite stance against the SBMM is also true i.e game can’t hold players or be fruitful in the long run. For most people(during the longer run), SBMM tends to decrease the fun of casual gaming.

Call of Duty Warzone is rather new to the ‘Battle Royale’ genre but its popularity is just increasing day by day. If COD: Warzone wants to sustain longer, then they would definitely do something about SBMM. Like Shroud said they should just probably mix all factors and find a balance b/w them.

30 million players have played the 150 player Battle Royale within 10 days. Warzone which was launched on 10th March has witnessed unprecedented success and numbers. To continue this growth dev should continuously add new content: skins, map changes, limited-time modes, etc. They should also fix the bugs and do something about the hackers.

Not to forget, the new Call of Duty warzone & Modern Warfare update was also recently released. With new guns, playlist and much more, devs have given all of the players so much to feast upon.

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