Forget Twitch And Kick, NASA Enters the ‘Streaming Space’ With An Ad-Free, No Cost Platform!

Published 08/02/2023, 9:10 AM EDT

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Space exploration agency NASA is looking to step into the streaming space. While the streaming industry is mostly dominated by platforms like Twitch and Kick, NASA’s entry can disrupt the market conditions significantly. Both the purple and green platforms have large user numbers, but NASA’s infrastructure and understanding of how to get things done can become key factors in the near future. However, the community is pretty excited to see how things pan out and how streaming may evolve.

The space agency has further plans to launch its new ad-free, no-cost service later this year. Available on a wide range of devices, the NASA+ may become a formidable face in the streaming business.

NASA+ will revolutionize streaming, believe fans


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NASA+ will focus on live event coverage and also will have a wide range of original series. “Transforming our digital presence will help us better tell the stories of how NASA explores the unknown in air and space“, said Mark Etkind, one of the associate administrators at NASA. “Our vision is to inspire humanity through a unified, world-class NASA web experience”, said another NASA official.

With aims to make the new streaming service accessible via its app, NASA is also set to revamp its official website and app. For those wondering, NASA+ is nothing like Disney+. While details of the new streaming service have not been clarified by NASA yet, it is safe to assume that NASA’s focus will be entirely different compared to other similar platforms. The fact that NASA+ will be free to everyone, makes the case all the stronger for them.


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NASA is easily bigger than Twitch and Kick in terms of popularity

NASA is easily one of the biggest exports of the US. Their decades-long space programs have made NASA one of the most known agencies in the world. With that, NASA can be sure to have a long line of followers who are highly interested in the establishment’s activities. The line of work that NASA undertakes also allows for it to possess some of the finest technologies of all time. Undoubtedly, this tech benefit will become a pivotal point for NASA to think about taking over the streaming industry.


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Amazon-owned Twitch is arguably the biggest streaming platform in the world right now. Along with the purple platform, Kick has become quite the sensation among creators in recent years thanks to Twitch’s controversial new policies. Many streamers have left Twitch to head over to Kick with jaw-dropping deals. However, NASA’s announcement to start its own streaming service will change the domain significantly.

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What kind of content do you hope to see on NASA+? Share your thoughts with us below!

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