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“New Doctor Strange”- Innovative YouTuber, Who Built a Whole Universe in Minecraft, Crafted an Intergalactic 4D Render Leaving Netizens in Awe

Published 04/22/2023, 9:30 AM EDT

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Minecraft became one of the most adored games among gamers through its endless possibilities. The game offers players a sandbox with creative freedom which can work wonders if it falls into the right hands.

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The game helps in reimagining what is possible, and many talented artists created some extraordinary content with the help of this. One person who is trying to dive into these possibilities to a massive extent is YouTuber ChrisDaCow, who has created an interstellar visual adaptation of the fourth dimension.

Minecraft content creator reimagined the impossible


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There are a lot of aspects of the universe that are difficult to comprehend. One among them is the concept of the fourth dimension. The concept is quite intriguing and confusing at the same time. To put it into simple words, we can say that it is an extension of the 3D space that we see. But there are lots of factors that come into the picture when taking 4-dimensional space into consideration.

Thus for making such a complex idea in Minecraft, the creator had to do a lot of homework. He began by making smaller images to understand what he was getting into. It took Chris tiresome hours which extended to days to construct each element in his Minecraft world.


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The content creator began with smaller concepts of the fourth dimension and scaled it up as he moved forward. When creating something of this magnitude on a video game, it takes a lot of background work. Chris even took the help of his friend to create a program to support the shapes he was constructing in his task.

The dimensions of the Minecraft world were adjusted numerous times by Chris to accommodate the massive structures he was building. To get more understanding and ideas to include in his masterpiece, ChrisDaCow even went into a sensory deprivation room.

The dedication was immense and appreciable. He even took advice from a Quantum Physicist. After all this hard work Chris was able to make his dream into a digital reality. The series of elements he showcased through Minecraft had visualizations of how the three-dimensional world meets the four-dimensional world, and it was an aesthetic visual treat.

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The dedication by the content creator sure has paid off.


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Fans adore this creation

This was a nerve-racking challenge, but Chris who earlier created our entire galaxy on Minecraft took it like a champ. His hard work was well appreciated by the netizens.


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From the looks of it, Chris will continue to push the boundaries of Minecraft to churn out even more insane content.

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