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New Ricochet Update Will Enforce Harsher Punishments on Cheating Call of Duty Gamers

Published 06/18/2022, 9:15 AM EDT

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Ricochet, Activision’s home-grown solution to counter cheaters, will now disarm those indulging in bad behavior. According to the latest report from the Ricochet team, they have implemented a new mitigation technique in Call of Duty that leaves cheaters weapon-less if detected.

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We just received a ‘Disarm’ mitigation that literally takes away a cheater’s weapons and fists if detected. That’s a huge blow to a cheater’s fun! “We don’t expect many clips of this to find their way online, but we have seen it in action and the reactions from cheaters are always priceless.” Team Ricochet proclaims.


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While doing so, the team can keep a detained cheater in-game and analyze their data while legitimate players can go on to having their fun. Moreover, the team reiterates their continuous efforts to make Call of Duty a better place even though cheaters find new ways to combat their anti-cheat system.

The Ricochet Anti-Cheat system was first introduced in December 2021, but only made it to Warzone at that time. The team had promised to make the anti-cheat solution available for Vanguard at a later date. Back in April, Ricochet’s kernel level driver made its way into Call of Duty Vanguard as promised. And since then, the team has managed to ban 180,000+ cheaters across Warzone and Vanguard!

How does mitigation systems help Call of Duty players and the team?

As Activision continues to clear up their battlegrounds of cheaters, it’s for them to analyze cheaters and their data to make sure their solution doesn’t become obsolete. As a result, the team introduced a bunch of mitigation systems to not only do their research, but also annoy cheaters in Call of Duty.

“Cheaters, for some reason, feel superior using software to win games they have no business winning. Hitting them with mitigations transform those euphoric feelings of being fake-best into glorious pangs of annoyance. We’ve seen the clips.” the recent blog post from Team Ricochet informs.


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As of now, there are three notable mitigation systems in the game, including the brand new ‘Disarm’. All three systems will now help developers combat bad behavior in a hilarious and effective way.


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What are the known mitigation systems apart from Disarm?

Firstly, we have a ‘Damage Shield’ that protects players from receiving high damage from cheaters. Affected players will notice their health bar slowly drop as a visual cue when hit by a cheater. As a result, they can take necessary measures to protect themselves while the cheater breaks his/her head over realizing that they are detected!


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Secondly, Ricochet comes with a ‘Cloaking’ mechanism that ghosts legit players if a location-revealing cheater enters in the battle. To elaborate, the cheater will not be able to see any legit players or kill them.

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