Blizzard has announced that Diablo 3 will be re-released with a single-player mode and fans are truly excited. 11 years after its initial launch, the unexpected news has caught fans off-guard but none of us are complaining.

The Diablo franchise is one of the biggest hack-and-slash series out there. Currently, players can’t get enough of Diablo IV. The sandbox-style title by Blizzard is making fans go nuts thanks to its impressive design. The devs have recently made some announcements that show that despite the popularity of the latest title, its predecessors aren’t forgotten either.

The new mode will be a good challenge, even for seasoned players


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A Solo Self-Found mode has been announced for Diablo III by the devs. Diablo III’s first dedicated single-player mode is being tested by the devs and we’re excited to know the results. Despite being over a decade old, Diablo III still gets regular updates.

The 29th season is expected to be the final addition to the game. The new mode will arrive with the 2.7.6 PTR patch just before the 29th season update. Devs believe the new test build of Diablo III will challenge and condition even the most seasoned players.

You won’t be gaining any experience points from exploring the dungeons with your pals. You also can’t trade with other players, so turning a fortune from your loot is also ruled out. What you get with the new mode is its own new leaderboard and a hardcore version that will truly challenge you.

The mode also allows you to start a campaign story or, if you choose to, play in an “Adventure Mode”. To play the new update, you need to select “Solo Hero” when you’re creating a character.

Expect more to come with the 2.7.6 PTR

A test run for the game will be available to play from 15 to 29 August. In case you want to join in, Blizzard has got you covered. Three new Monster Affixes are up for grabs through XP build. Also, an increased number of Paragon Points will also be available for players to increase their personal attributes. Blizzard also seems to have increased checkpoint counts in the Boneyards. This may come as a result of many requesting quality-of-life changes in Diablo III.


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The devs are working on some more features for the patch. Named Visions of Enmity, the update will take you to pocket dimensions to fight demons. These pocket dimensions can be reached through Diabolical Fissures, which can spawn all over the Sanctuary.

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Does the new single-player make you want to jump back into Diablo III? Tell us your expectations for the game below.

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