New Update Features Cosmetic Customizations in Fortnite

September 10, 2020 9:08 pm

Update 14.10 came both as a gift and a ‘Stark’ reminder of Galactus inching closer in Fortnite Battle Royale. The community gladly accepted the new POIs, new mythic abilities, and changes in the loot pool.

Earlier reports suggested a significant change in the item shop concerning customization. Popular YouTuber HYPEX uploaded a video describing all the new cosmetics. 

HYPEX – Twitter Fortnite

The successful collaboration with Marvel has now entered its mid-stages, and this is where the plot thickens. The same can be said for Frenzy Farm as the area just disappeared overnight to create a thick landmass above. The site is now home to the new Stark Industries.

HYPEX also revealed several customizations from the item shop on Twitter. Players can now change their pickaxe design, equip hologram back-bling, and much more.

Thus, this update kicks off as the perfect mid-season content for the community. Epic Games are delivering diligently on their promises. 

New customizable skins in Fortnite

While the news for customization was predicted a long time ago, the redefining idea from Epic Games looks outstanding. The ‘Customize Your Superhero’ reminds us of avatar creation modes in old-school games.

The attention to detail brought into this is terrific. From hairstyle to suit and accessory design. Everything with a specific color. 

Similarly, the pickaxe can now have a customized look. The options available include Phantasmic Pulse and Perfect Point. The animation on both is up for editing, along with the color scheme. 

HYPEX – Twitter Fortnite

With all these new changes, especially with costumes, players wonder whether this will be a part of the end-season live event. There have been rumors of a huge season finisher.

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Galactus is coming to the Island

The map is undergoing significant changes. After the new Stark Industries, it would be interesting to see what comes next as a POI. Furthermore, the addition of Galactus’ troops in the game would be fascinating. Players are aching closer to learn the actual purpose behind this invasion.

As of now, the community is quite happy with the new update. There have been significant changes brought to the loot pool. With all these changes, the whispers about the end-season live event keep growing louder growing.

Perhaps every player will have the power to defeat Galactus. Fingers crossed!

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