Nexus to Be the Next Big Focal Point in Fortnite Plot

August 27, 2020 12:35 am

Finally, the pages have been revealed; now, we know who all are coming to Fortnite in season 4. Epic Games kept teasing us with letters and comic book pages.

The community went on a scavenger hunt that led straight to the devourer of worlds, Galactus. Nevertheless, the final pages of the comics give us more insight.

The Bifrost emblems have also been spotted on the map. This hints to the fact that several other characters from Marvel will join the island. With the latest teaser video, we saw the letter ‘S’ was revealed. 

With all the clues and leaks coming together, we have to wonder, will Season 4 conclude Chapter 2? Or will Epic come up with a last-minute twist at the end of this season?

Fortnite season 4 teasers confirm NEXUS

Just a few days ago, Tabor Hill and Hypex were highly criticized for their efforts. Several members of the community said that they ruined Season 4 by leaking it. However, most of the things they predicted or leaked were shown by Epic Games in the teasers. Thus, Season 4 is still a mystery to us.

The Nexus theory is something that the community is fixated on. The Bifrost emblems on the map have shown that there are various ways of entering the island. The void can also be accessed, perhaps an entry-point for Galactus.

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“The War to save Reality begins tomorrow”

The war to save reality – this does point to the fact that there is a different reality in Fortnite. Everyone expects that this will give a conclusive answer to all the questions.

Is Fortnite a reality simulation? Does everything reset to zero every time? Who is behind all this?

Hopefully, we will also see a definitive exposition for the Midas, Shadow, and Ghost as well as the Seven storylines. The entire community has been wondering how they are going to come together.

If Season 4 is going to be the last in Chapter 2, then expect great things from Epic. 

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