“Y’all Eagles Fans Were So Loud”: Call of Duty Streamer Timthetatman’s Christmas Wish Comes True as Dallas Cowboys Defeats It’s Nfc East Rival Philadelphia Eagles in a 40-34 Game

Published 12/25/2022, 11:00 AM EST

USA Today via Reuters

Call of Duty Warzone streamer Timthetatman had only one wish for Christmas. On Twitter, Tim had expressed that he wants the NFL team Dallas Cowboys to win over the Philadelphia Eagles in the game on 25th December 2022. The Christmas spirit was kind to the streamer as his beloved team was able to secure the game. 

On December 25, the teams collide in the ground as thousands of fans hold their breath to witness the game. In the game, Philadelphia put up a valiant effort with Minshew at quarterback, but four turnovers that led to 20 Cowboys points resulted in their undoing. Dallas scored the final 13 points to win the game. 

Call of Duty streamer shows great interest for Dallas Cowboys 


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On Twitter, one of the most well-known Call of Duty streamers, Timthetatman has expressed a deep love for the NFL team of Dallas, the Cowboys. In his recent tweets, Tim made it clear that this year, for this year’s Christmas, he wants nothing more than Philadelphia Eagles to lose to Dallas Cowboys. 


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All I want for Christmas is a cowboys win over the eaglessaid Tim on tweeter. And this wish of his was made true on Christmas as Dallas managed to take the game against the Eagles, despite their valiant efforts. Online gamer Erik had said, “you guys better win, if your starters lose to Minshew it is going to hurt their psyche hard”.

During the intense game, Tim was holding his breath with anticipation. He said, “if the cowboys lose this game I’m blacking out. If the cowboys win this game I’m blacking out” and even after winning the game, Tim couldn’t help but take a jab at Eagles fans by saying, “y’all eagles fans were so loud when you beat us with a backup qb”. 

The game between Cowboys and Eagles was secured by the former, mostly because of Dak Prescott’s impressive performance. Prescott tied the game at 34 with 5:49 left with a seven-yard touchdown pass to CeeDee Lamb to erase the Cowboys’ second 10-point deficit of the day. 

What did fans say…

Fans were either celebrating the win of Cowboys or throwing sarcastic jabs at them. Twitter user Kevin The Penguin said, “why did yall almost lose to a backup qb?”. The Eagle fans in the comments were not ready to stay silent after the Callout by the Call of Duty streamer. Josh said, “You’re loud when 4 starting defensive players out, starting QB and OL and still almost blew it.


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