Nickmercs Responds to Cheating Accusations in Warzone- “I Don’t Like People Calling Me a Cheater”

January 12, 2021 9:59 pm

Controversy with yet another superstar streamer has made news today. This time, the legitimacy of famous streamer Nickmercs’ ranked lobbies has grabbed everyone’s attention due to a third party website. This website claims to track various in-game statistics for Call of Duty Warzone players that are not even available in the game. It also tells you the skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) ranks of your lobbies along with the last 20 games that you have played.

Fans got a hold of the streamer’s information through the website and it pointed towards something sketchy. The website suggested that the famous streamer was queuing against low skilled players. The community’s reaction put the streamer in hot waters after he was accused of cheating, forcing him to come out and offer a response.

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Nickmercs breaks down how the third party website works

The streamer made a response video, addressing the cheating accusations leveled at him. He pointed out critical flaws with the third party website and why the information is misleading. In the response video, he also revealed that he had to reach out to the creators of the website to uncover the core issue.

“This site kind of off screwed up the rankings man, it is not all correct, in fact it is very, very jaded. The site uses an average of all KDs in the lobby, and this means that they take all KDs and they put them in order from least to greatest and then they take the one KD in the middle and that’s the rank of the lobby. It is actually the median of the lobby and not the average.”

He further added how the website fails to acknowledge the proper difference between various ranks. If a player dies even once in Warzone it will significantly flip the rank of the entire lobby.

The system is so flawed that it does not take into account the highest or lowest percentage of K/D ratio and only ranks it based on the median. So it makes the entire ranking system pointless even if you are queued up with guys like Swag, or TimTheTatMan.

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He jumped right back to talk about the cheating accusations after explaining how the website works. The streamer made the point clear that his naysayers would not last 12 seconds in his lobbies. Nick also clarified that making jokes at his expense is perfectly fine with him but cheating accusations are not acceptable.

“I am going to keep it real transparent with you, I don’t cheat and I don’t like people tweeting and telling me that I am a cheater. I don’t do that shit, I don’t reverse boost, I don’t hack.”

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Third-party websites are usually unreliable

The streamer revealed that the website in question is still a work in progress and is not completely accurate. Furthermore, he revealed that the administrators of the website have stated that it is still in its beta version.

The website admins may have cleared their stance on the matter, but there’s no denying it has created some unnecessary controversy. It is clear now that fans shouldn’t blindly believe in the data provided by unofficial forums.

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