KFC Dinners, Giveaways and More: Top Streamers Celebrate Christmas In Heartwarming Ways

Published 12/26/2021, 1:13 PM EST

How about a KFC dinner on Christmas Eve? Or just relaxing and having some me-time at Christmas? People have their own ways of celebrating this beautiful festival. As kids, they used to participate in Christmas with great enthusiasm and a festive mood. Speaking of Christmas, let’s have a look at how our favorite streamers like Ninja, Pokimane, Valkyrae, and many more celebrated Christmas.


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Famous streamers like Ninja, Pokimane, Dr. Disrespect, and more celebrate Christmas



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The highly popular Twitch star Imane Anys, commonly known as Pokimane, celebrated Christmas in a very chilled-out and relaxing way. She posted a picture of herself, the picture very Christmas-y and winter-y, on Twitter with the caption, “Happy crimmis.”

Pokimane can be seen wearing a super cute outfit with a matching beige muffler, just perfect for a cold winter day.


YouTube queen Valkyrae celebrated Christmas with two of her very close friends, Miyoung and Toast. As evident from the picture, they had a big tub of KFC for Christmas, such a relaxing yet delicious way to celebrate Christmas, right?

Valkyrae posted the picture of them hanging out together as her Instagram story. And Miyoung posted the same picture on her official Twitter handle, captioned, “Happy Christmas.” The three of them also cooked a variety of dishes over a bonfire.

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Richard Tyler Blevins, popularly known as Ninja mainly celebrated his Christmas with his Wife. Ninja shared an image of his Avtar from Fortnite with a Santa hat and all the Christmas detailing in the background captioned, “Happy Holidays, hope you get to spend some time with friends & family.” Ninja has always been seen talking about the importance of spending time with friends and family members, especially during holidays.

Dr. Disrespect

Dr. Disrespect celebrated Christmas in his epic familiar style. He referred to himself as a “Blockbuster Video Game Champion and International Video Game Superstar.” That’s quite a great way to send Christmas wishes to fans, right?


What’s better than celebrating Christmas with a super cool giveaway? And that too, without following any harsh rules! Ludwig hosted a short Amazon giveaway on his Twitter handle in which fans just had to reply with #mogulchristmas and link their Amazon wishlist in the comment section to win this giveaway.

Within a few minutes, Ludwig sent over $69,000 worth of stuff to fans. No doubt, this is one of the best ways to brighten up someone’s Christmas.

Shroud and Bans

Shourd celebrated this holiday with his girlfriend, Bans. Bans posted an adorable picture of both of them in Santa hats, or rather sharing a Santa hat, on her official Twitter handle. No doubt, they are considered one of the cutest couples in the streaming industry.


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How did you celebrate Christmas Eve? Let us know in the comments below.


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