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Top Streamers Ninja, IShowSpeed, and SypherPK Have Their Jaws Dropped Seeing MrBeast in Fortnite as the Millionaire YouTuber Remains Upset With a Polar Opposite Reaction

Published 12/06/2022, 11:26 AM EST

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Fortnite is one game that never leaves an opportunity to surprise the fans, no matter what. The developing team behind this ever-growing battle royale knows how to keep millions of players engaged and entertained. And the recently launched Chapter 4 is a clear example of that as it unleashes tons of unexpected changes; even including an unbelievable appearance from YouTuber MrBeast!

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By now, everyone is aware of MrBeast being in Fortnite, thanks to the original teaser trailer for Chapter 4. When it comes to the online reactions, along with his fans, this shocking reveal even left some of the other top streamers in disbelief when they first witnessed him in the game.


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Popular streamers are awestruck seeing MrBeast inside Fortnite Chapter 4, but he’s not

Along with the all-new features and changes in the latest update, Epic Games‘ team has introduced many other elements as well in the immensely famous battle royale. Yes, the mind-boggling impressions of the Unreal Engine 5 are truly praiseworthy but there’s something else that really stole the show during the initial reveal of Chapter 4, a few days ago.

While all the crazy Fortnite lovers were curious about the new update, none of them probably had an idea that they would get to see MrBeast in the battle royale. But he eventually showed up!


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It was just a matter of time before everyone else got to know about Jimmy’s appearance in the game. Prominent names from the streaming world like Ninja, Fortnite pro SypherPK, and even IShowSpeed were eventually left in disbelief upon witnessing MrBeast in the original teaser trailer of Chapter 4. Not to mention that LazarBeam, Ali-A, and Nick Eh 30 were surprised as well.

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As one can see, the popular content creators literally had their jaws dropped when they first saw Jimmy in the trailer. It looks like this new collaboration between Epic Games and the millionaire YouTuber will end up breaking all records.


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However, the YouTuber himself didn’t seem to like the big reveal of being in the game. He recently expressed his thoughts on this news. But what was your initial reaction upon seeing Jimmy Donaldson in the trailer for Chapter 4? Let us know in the comments down below.



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