Nintendo is all set to release another game in the Super Mario Franchise. This time it is a remake of the popular SNES Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. This game is proposed to release on 17th November 2023. Considering the popularity of previous developments in the Mario franchise, critics are anticipating mind-blowing features and developments in the new one.

Recently, Nintendo shared some screenshots of the game. It sparked a major anticipation among the fans. Nintendo’s new development is all set to twist fans’ minds with treasures and twists in a fun-filled RPG universe. 

Sneak-peak of the Super Mario RPG remake


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Nintendo’s report already revealed that this remake of Super Mario RPG will bring new graphics with improvised system techniques. Mario, Peach, Mallow and Geno all will be present in the game. Players will act as Mario and fight Smithy Gang by teaming up with allies. They will require taking over seven stars and repairing the Star Road. 

From the screenshots, fans are anticipating more fun and excitement from this new remake. Considering the only RPG in the Super Mario universe, this game appeared as a favourite among gamers since the release of the original one. 

Fans’ react to the screenshots of Super Mario RPG remake

Ahead of its release, fans seemed totally excited about this remake. One fan took to Twitter to post some new in-game screenshots of the Super Mario RPG remake from a Japanese website. He seemed pretty blown away, confirming the return of Beetle Mania- “New Super Mario RPG Remake screenshots from the Japanese website. Beetle Mania is back!!!”

He posted some more glimpses of the game, sharing his jealousy for the players who will get to play it before him.

The majority of the fans approved of the game developments and expressed their nostalgia for the original one- “I love that when I look at these screens I still see the original game.”

It seemed pretty obvious to the fans that with this remake Nintendo planned to rule on the nostalgia. The screenshots seemed to convince the fans with this- “I love that too. I think that’s the idea, to really capitalize on that nostalgia, not to reinvent the game.”


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Overall, the comment thread expressed much appreciation from Super Mario fans about this remake.

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Nintendo’s effort to bring back Super Mario nostalgia in the RPG universe is expected to give a one-of-a-kind gaming experience to Mario fans. If you agree with this, so share it with us by commenting below.

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