Nintendo has definitely got fans excited for its upcoming lineup of releases. From Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, the community couldn’t be more excited for these titles. But it seems these hotly anticipated games aren’t the only thing Nintendo has cooking in the oven. According to a recent tweet by Samus Hunter, Nintendo might be working on higher resolutions for their game.

Significantly, the Japanese video games giant has made no announcements regarding the matter. However, fans have a sneak peek into what upgraded visuals could look like thanks to the seminal title Switch Sports.


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Nintendo Switch Sports looks fabulous in higher resolution

The Switch is the golden child of Nintendo. Launched in 2017, the titular handheld has dominated the market ever since. With its appealing design and a vast library of fan-favorite titles, it won’t be an overstatement to call it one of the best-received consoles ever. However, even as the list of games grows exponentially, users can’t help but notice the Switch’s aging hardware.

The 720p screen has especially been a point of contention for fans of the handheld. This is why this tweet is so interesting. As per Samus Hunter, Nintendo’s recent SPOCCO Square reveal on Twitter includes pictures with 2048×1152 resolution. In fact, they even have screenshots that sport a 5760×3240  resolution. Above even PS5/Series S standards. The game truly looks dazzling in these images.

But Samus Hunter notes this isn’t to add fuel to Switch Pro rumors. Instead, fans should simply enjoy these images ruminating about what high-resolution Switch Sports could look like.

Additionally, the title is the first to use AMD Fidelity FX. An up-scaling software capable of offsetting the Nintendo Switch’s aging hardware to allow for upgraded graphical fidelity in future releases for the console.

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However, as the Twitter thread notes, currently even the higher end Switch OLED dock which supports 4k resolution is restricted to 1080p maximum. So the screenshots are all but a glimpse of what Switch Sports could be, and fans are enthused by the prospect.

The perfect time!

Fingers crossed.


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The community would love to experience higher graphical fidelity gaming on the Switch. But what are your thoughts on the matter?

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