Gamers look forward to game demos as it gives them a chance to the players to experience the game’s feature before its release. A majority of popular games release demos to give players a debut gameplay experience. However, due to the challenges developers face while creating game demos or trials, Insomniac Games have confirmed they will not release any game demo for the players. 

Recently, Masahiro Sakurai one of the legendary members of Nintendo published another video on his official YouTube channel to explain the difficulties in making a proper game trial or demo before its release. 

Challenges in making game trials explained by Masahiro Sakurai


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Sakurai, who is known for his informative game-related videos on Youtube, apart from his legendary Nintendo developments, spoke on the challenges faced by the developers to create a game demo that contains information. He added that developers face the maximum problems because many gamers are not aware of all the game’s potential.

Therefore, developers prioritize creating game demos that can reach a wider and global audience population. Sakurai’s explanation presents the hard work and time developers invest in a proper demo creation, where they make sure not to put any leaks or spoilers.

Masahiro Sakurai’s video helps us to understand that developers go through intense pressure while managing the functions of game demos separately from the main ones. He also spoke about the constant debugging developers go through for ensuring that game issues are resolved properly.

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He talked about the challenges of the developers in balancing a similar gameplay experience in the demo for the players. Focusing on the marketing of the game, Sakurai delved into the challenges of the game developers to ensure that the game demo can initially satisfy the players bringing more popularity to the game after its release. 

No demo for Spider-Man 2?

Although fans saw a demo of an extensive playthrough of Spider-Man 2 at the Play Station showcase earlier this year the developers have officially confirmed to bring no game demos before its release. However, the previous two games in the Spider-man franchise didn’t release any demos during their debut release on PlayStation. 


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Sakurai’s video gives us a hint on why Insomniac Games have skipped any demo plans for the upcoming game. It also brings speculation on whether developers are hooked on improvising the game details for players this time.


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If you feel that developers should release a demo for Spider-Man 2 fans, do comment below.

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