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Nintendo’s Recently Released Title for Switch F-Zero 99 Rumored to Introduce With Two Modes

Published 09/20/2023, 11:50 AM EDT

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Nintendo Shadow dropped its latest 99 titles, F-Zero 99, for Nintendo Switch Online users recently during their latest Direct. The game came as a surprise to everyone, a pleasant one at that, given the fact that every fan out there is currently playing that game tirelessly.

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Some are calling F-Zero 99 one of the most fleshed-out 99 games ever, thanks to its in-depth gameplay mechanics. And if that was not enough, a leak suggests that Nintendo is all set to launch a couple more gameplay modes!

Leak suggests Nintendo Switch Online Game F-Zero 99 might get even more gameplay modes


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Now, F-Zero 99 in itself is a very good game; it features, as the name suggests, 99 players who are out to win a race. The race, though, is all about destroying your opponents and keeping your own vehicle on track. Then there are a bunch of extra mechanics that force players to keep an eye out for a number of opportunities just so they can stay ahead. In conclusion, the game is much more fleshed out than Tetris 99 or even Super Mario Bros. 35.

But it looks like Nintendo does not have any intention of stopping here. Some fans, while shuffling through the game files of this new game, have discovered something new and unusual. It looks like Nintendo is all set to introduce a couple more gameplay modes to this game. If these leaks are to be believed, fans of the game will soon be playing an arcade mode and a survival mode on F-Zero 99.


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Arcade mode is pretty self-explanatory; it might be a single-player mode where players would just race AI opponents. They would race again and again to better their time and score and even compete against other players, not directly but through some leaderboards.

Survival mode might be an endless mode or a wave-based mode where players have to survive till time runs out or they have covered a certain amount of distance. These are just wild guesses; these modes can end up being anything; after all, Nintendo prefers surprising their fanbase rather than taking the usual path.

Nevertheless, we will be waiting to see what they have in mind.

There are a bunch of extra tracks too!


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The same leak has suggested that alongside those new gameplay modes, Nintendo will also be introducing a bunch of new tracks for the game. This only solidifies the speculation that maybe that arcade mode would be a single-player-focused mode.

The list of leaked tracks is as follows:

  1. Forest
  2. Sulfur Swamp
  3. Volcania


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It’s very interesting to see Nintendo putting so much work into a game that launched as a mere free add-on to its online service. It looks like they have plans to shift it to an online + expansion pass. Once again, it is just our speculation, and we would rather wait for further information before coming to any solid conclusion.

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