Nintendo‘s Super Mario Bros. is an arcade game that debuted in 1985 as the successor to Mario Bros. Since its release, the game has been hugely popular among fans. Players could choose Mario or his brother Luigi to save Princess Toadstool from King Koopa of Mushroom Kingdom in this game. Super Mario Bros. is not just a video game but an emotion for many. The soaring popularity of this Super Mario trick can be attributed to Nintendo’s underestimation of gamers’ skill sets.

Apart from super-fun gameplay, what stroked fans more about the game was the 1UP trick of Super Mario Bros. While developers thought players couldn’t master this in-game trick, Super Mario Bros. fans bamboozled developers with their creative skill. 

1UP trick in Super Mario Bros. and players’ efficiency


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Apart from exciting and fun gameplay, the 1UP trick is another famous stunt associated with Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. As this game celebrates its 3oth year with fans, players shared some exclusive moments from Super Mario Bros., igniting nostalgic memories.

From getting maximum fireworks to skating without moving Mario’s feet or jumping over the flagpole, Super Mario Bros. contained many fun aspects which challenged the players’ skills. One such trick is the 1Up trick.

In Super Mario Bros. 3-1 World, players can spot stairs with two Koopa Troopas. Now, with a suitable jump, players can hit the second Koopa Troopa while it is moving; they can get all the 1Ups with as many points as possible in the game.

Players needed to jump onto the second Koopa Troopa and put it into shell mode. After that, they have to stand one step below the shell. Now, if the player jumps on the shell again following a time, they can jump on it as much as they want to get multiple 1UPs.

While many believed it to be a glitch, Nintendo confirmed long back that it was a purposeful bug the developers gave.

Nintendo’s expectations with players in 1Up trick in Super Mario Bros. 

Although the 1Up trick of Super Mario Bros. went viral long back, fans needed to learn about Nintendo’s purposeful intentions to keep this bug. In an interview with Famitsu Magazine, Nintendo’s talented developer and Mario’s creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, they were first confirmed how Nintendo extensively tried the 1UP trick and the methods of pulling it off perfectly.


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Initially, Miyamoto’s team thought players would encounter real challenges while pulling Super Mario Bros.’s 1UP trick. However, proving them wrong, many Super Mario players significantly took part in it and pulled off 1Up tricks like a pro. 

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