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“No Need to Spread Lies”: MrBeast Addresses the ‘Job’ Advert Which Has Confused the Internet

Published 03/08/2023, 7:25 AM EST

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The recent request that the internet favorite MrBeast made has been getting twisted by some people online. The star had requested his fans to rearrange the Feastables products at Walmart if they found them in a bad shape. This was a kind and humble request made by Jimmy but some people have gone on to interpret something more than what meets the eye.

Now, even a job poster was spotted regarding the same task that Jimmy had requested. Donaldson himself came forward to address this situation.

MrBeast calls out the Job Advert


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Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is currently a successful entrepreneur thanks to the various products he brought to the market. One among these which has become a fan favorite is Feastables. These feature various chocolate bars and it seems like Feastables are quite popular among consumers. The step that Jimmy took to introduce these products through Walmart was impressive. But, his latest request which asked his fans to rearrange the messed up Feastables shelves was met with different interpretations.

Many were for the meme, but some people went a bit overboard with their replies. Now, yet another interesting factor has popped up. There is an advert circling around which features a position called ‘Mini Beast Product Zoner’.


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The job that starts at $8 per hour is to make sure the very idea Jimmy requested is done. That is, organizing the MrBeast products at the Walmart shelves. As soon as this went viral, Jimmy himself came forward to address the issue at hand. “I’m all for dunking on me, but no need to spread lies” stated Donaldson.

Apparently, this was posted without his knowledge and it seems like the MrBeast franchise is not the one behind the job advert.


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Currently, there is no indication of who posted these advertisements. And it seems like Jimmy is getting heat due to the issue, even though the internet sensation did not have anything to do with the supposed job advertisement.

On the other hand, fans of the popular figure were seen willingly helping Jimmy achieve his goal. That is to clear up the Feastables shelves at marts if they are in a messed up state.


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As for the advert, we can hope that people who posted this online are soon brought to light.

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