“No Turning Back” – EA Chief On PS5 and Xbox Series X

June 20, 2020 4:42 pm

Now that next-gen consoles are on their way, game developers will be looking to pounce with new titles. The recent PS5 launch event saw some exciting games making their way to players. A day back, the EA Play Live event announced big news for the fans. EA will be bringing a new Skate game along with their usual lineup of FIFA, Star Wars, and other RPGs.

The company will also bring more games to other platforms and shift their concentration on cross-platform as well. EA’s Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele was interviewed by Gameindustry, where she revealed some of the biggest highlights for the next-gen consoles.

Laura Miele talks about the developer’s plans

Laura Miele explained how the next generation of EA games will undergo a visual change. The new Xbox Series X and PS5 are equipped with better hardware. And looks like the developers will be making the utmost use of it.

“Historically, console transitions have been punctuated by increased graphic fidelity and that hasn’t changed — this next generation of games will certainly take a visual leap — but we are also taking advantage of the extra memory and CPU cycles to bring a lot more detail to life”

She takes The new NFL game as an example and says every athlete in the game will play just as they do in real life with the date being updated in real-time. Furthermore, fans will have unique reactions and the weather will have an impact on the players, equipment, and playing fields. In short, games will feel different visually.

EA expects to make the best use of the new machines

Miele says that during the first demo, she experienced instant load times and massive worlds. She says that these games are going to set new bars of expectations.

“During my first demo when I experienced the instant load times and massive worlds, I knew immediately this was going to set a new bar in terms of player expectations. When players see how accessible and immersive this generation of technology is, there will be no turning back“, Laura Miele said.

In all sense, it looks like EA is finally listening to what the fans want. EA has mostly been criticized for delivering the same content over the years, but now they are aiming at a new direction.

The launch of a new Skate title was a treat for the fans. The last known title of the series was released way back in 2010. With new features coming in, EA can make a mark in the coming years.

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