$100,000,000 Worth Streamer xQc Accuses HasanAbi of “Dog-Whistling” Anti-Gambling Opinions to the Audience

Published 06/20/2023, 9:09 AM EDT

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After a buried squabble only last year, xQc and HasanAbi are once again at each other’s throats. The Twitch star recently lashed out against the streaming industry. While streaming on the Amazon-owned platform, xQc took the opportunity when one of the FaZe Clan members called out Hasan, known for his political commentary on YouTube. xQc opined that Hasan has been “dog-whistling” his followers about his personal ideologies regarding anti-gambling.

With a past history of calling out each other on multiple occasions, it remains to be seen if xQc’s comments can irk Hasan to the extent that the buried feud gets re-ignited.

xQc accuse Hasan of “dog-whistling” his followers


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HasanAbi has held a strong opinion on gambling and his streams explicitly maintain his anti-gambling standpoint. However, after some of his recent takes, Hasan was confronted by FaZe Clan co-leader Nicholas “Nickmercs” Kolcheff. xQc, during his own stream on the purple platform on June 20, jumped right in on the queue.

For the uninitiated, “dog-whistling” is essentially inferring something without actually saying the words directly. xQc complained that Hasan talks about things with hidden meanings that confuses his followers and makes his anti-gambling perspectives irrelevant. While many fans on Reddit were amused by the possible new catchphrase invented by xQc, the streamer was pretty clear about where he stands about Hasan’s cryptic messages. xQc’s comments blew up the Subreddit r/LivestreamFails.

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What such a confrontation can entail


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YouTuber Hasan maintains a liberal standpoint for a long time. Such a stance has also put him in a spot where he has been openly against gambling. xQc, in his stream, came out fuming, saying that such an opinion allows Hasan to encourage gambling without actually saying it. “It’s like, dog-whistling. And it’s, like, hidden meaning and s**t like that. And then, Hasan goes on his stream and goes talks about Kick and he does dog-whistling, for people that are, like, anti-gambling type of s**t.”

xQc doesn’t stop there and made further comments against Hasan, whose stream was aired only hours before his own on June 20. xQc said he thought Hasan flipped on his own words, which can confound many followers into thinking what Hasan is actually trying to say about gambling. “Hasan goes live on stream and flips it right back out, and does that today! Like, an hour ago. I saw the clips. I went live a minute after he said it. And, it’s quite literally, the same sort of f**king dog s**t dog-whistling. I said it! It’s the same f**king thing! It actually is! It’s not the same ideology, it’s the same method that I’m talking.


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With a new twist to the year-long banter between HasanAbi and xQc, Redditors and the streaming community alike are now waiting for a targetted attack by the former after xQc made his points clear.

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