Overwatch Veteran and Current Valorant Pro Sinatraa Got Offered a ‘Mind-Blowing’ Six-Figure Salary

Published 01/24/2023, 8:45 AM EST

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The Valorant Esports front has been quite busy since the boom of the game’s popularity. The Riot FPS game indeed has created a unique platform that can boast some exceptionally talented teams and players. Surely, there is a lot of drama also associated with the professional community. One of the most infamous and popular points of debate is the ban of Sentinels star Sinatraa.

Surely he was in the spotlight, and not in a positive way for a long time. But, now as his ban is lifted, the talented player is slowly coming back into the competing grounds of the game. And recently he was offered an insane deal in regard to his return.


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Valorant Pro Sinatraa receives an insane deal from an organization

One of the first players who shot to fame in the Valorant circle was the Sentinels star Sinatraa.

He was competing in the Knight VCT Open Qualifiers playing with the team Untamable Beasts which also featured Zombs, Marved, Dizzy, and Prod. This was his comeback into the pro scene. Though the team got eliminated, Sinatraa was impeccable with his skills. And as a by-product, he recently received an insane deal from the CEO of Gods Reign.

K R Rohith offered Sinatraa  $12K USD per month which sums up to a massive $144,000 per annum. Furthermore, Sinatraa was offered an upfront amount of 30%!. All these are excluding the medical, travel, and hospitality.

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This Salary offer reflects Sinatraa’s popularity in the Esports circle

He had quite the popularity before his entrance to the Esports front. During his Overwatch days, he was one of the most dangerous players in the hero shooter. He was affiliated with San Fransico Shock and they went on to win the Overwatch League of 2019. He is a star who was even featured in an episode with the fan-favorite host Jimmy Fallon.

Surely he had high stature coming into the world of Valorant. Sinatraa was one of the first players to be ruled in to play for the Sentinels. He was having an amazing run until he was slammed with sexual allegations and cases. Riot banned him from competing and he slowly moved into content creation.


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Now, as his ban is lifted, the star is back in action in the Valorant Esports circle.


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This is an insane package and surely is one of the most expensive ones to date in the Valorant circle. Won has not responded yet to this mind-blowing offer from the Indian franchise, but surely fans are hoping that he would take the offer into consideration. Though, many NA fans will get their heart broken if he left the American Valorant scene. But surely the six-figure salary is alluring.

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